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17 tourist routes light price is lower than the price of 13 is an unreasonable group of low-cost outbound travel hot line of Chengdu public Zhang: Spring Festival is approaching, ready to take the doll and the old man to go abroad to play a trip. A few days ago to see the news, Sichuan Province announced the 66 most popular tourist routes reference price, tour the province was not afraid of fire, the outbound and domestic travel? Is there an official reference price, let our newspaper group to avoid being fooled? After Sichuan Province announced 66 popular tourist line reference price after November 9th, the Provincial Tourism Association, the Provincial Association of travel agents also announced the departure from Chengdu outbound tourism hot line of Chengdu province and the reference price of the tourism hot line reference price. The reference price is the "price", if the travel fare than the lower price, may have hidden trick". In the future, starting from Chengdu, regardless of the province of travel, domestic travel, or outbound hot line prices have become transparent. West China Metropolis Daily reporter learned that the baked line reference price, there are 7 domestic travel, overseas travel of 10. However, the price is the reference price of the product starting in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in the same tourism products in other regions, the reference price can be adjusted. According to these reference prices, ready to travel out of the public can determine their own choice of products, whether it is an unreasonable low price tour. Sichuan tourism department to remind, as long as the tourism product is lower than the lowest cost price of 1/3, it is unreasonable low-cost group, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of punishment. How many flying outbound four European countries 11 days price? 8000-12000 yuan range is reasonable in recent years, with the Chengdu overseas direct increase, members of the public to travel abroad more and more convenient. Then, offered abroad to play, what kind of price would not be "slaughtered"? The reporter learned that the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association, Sichuan Province Association of travel agency published by the Chengdu based overseas tourism hot line a total of 10, covering five continents of the world, and for the people of Chengdu compared to overseas tourism countries, Italy clock area. Not only de France Italy Switzerland four European countries, and the United States east coast of Hawaii, Russia, Japan and other flying more. From the price point of view, the announcement of the line and had the same, sub season, flat season and season three prices. In European countries the Franco Italian Swiss flying 11 as an example, the off-season reference price of 8000 yuan, flat quarter reference price of 9500 yuan, the reference price of 12000 yuan season. The main products include 5 attractions tickets, visa fees, airline tickets, fares, accommodation, meals outside, guide service fee and insurance fee, comprehensive cost. While the United States Coast Hawaii flying 15 light Ping Wang three quarter reference price of 13500 yuan, 15000 yuan and 18000 yuan. Every year in October, Australia and New Zealand ushered in the tourist season, coupled with Chengdu can fly to Australia, so many people in the winter will choose to play before the southern hemisphere. According to the announcement of the reference price, Australia New Zealand flying 12 off-season price of 11500 yuan, 12500 yuan flat quarter, season 23000 yuan. Vice president of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association Meng Gang told reporters that the reference price is the "price", if the travel fare than the lower price, may have hidden trick". Domestic travel相关的主题文章: