250 pilots to strike the Amazon shopping season air logistics panic disorder-66814

250 pilots strike in the Amazon shopping season air logistics trap fear chaos strike led Amazon air logistics blocked Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the holiday shopping season jiqiangkaida, but in this case the key point is the Amazon faces a crisis. Air transport services group (ATSG), 250 pilots with a strike to protest against the company’s cargo transportation department of the lack of manpower. It is reported that the strike may affect the Amazon and DHL during the holiday shopping season air logistics channels. ATSG every day will help Amazon performed 35 sorties transport tasks, DHL is 45 sorties, and after the strike began, the capacity will be affected greatly. Pilots will really take the opportunity to strike, and now is a critical moment for the U.S. retail industry to prepare for the holiday shopping season due to the increasing proportion of online shopping, a large number of goods need to hand over to people through the logistics channels. Relevant institutions predict that this year’s holiday shopping season network sales will reach $91 billion 600 million, an increase of 11%. The strike pilots said they had to carry out a number of urgent tasks without a break because of the lack of manpower to deal with the surge in the shopping season. In March this year, Amazon said it would hire 20 Boeing to enrich its own logistics capabilities, and the holiday shopping season comes, this figure may increase again in. In fact, the pilots’ strike is rare in the United States, the strike pilots say they are intolerable. "Over the past two years we have been reminding the company to increase the number of pilots, the lack of personnel so that the quality of our lives fell sharply, due to various emergency tasks, I do not know how many missed time with their families. In addition, Amazon’s task is always in the evening, the lack of rest time is prone to accidents." The 59 year old pilot Rick said. If the strike is not resolved, it will cause the Amazon logistics chaos, which can be much more complex than for logistics warehouse attracted a large number of temporary workers in the United States, after all, Amazon has a large number of Prime members, if can not guarantee the delivery speed, but will be tucao. (compile Lv Jiahui) want to see more interesting and new technology news abroad? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: