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33 enterprises in Optics Valley delegation to Shenzhen makes nearly 1000 Chu attended the interview 25 days, Chu came home, the Optics Valley partnership cited activities held in Shenzhen successfully, Betta, volume leather mesh 33 enterprises in Optics Valley delegation to participate in the. On the day of the event, nearly 1000 Chu came to participate in the activities and interviews, nearly 30% and 33 enterprises reached the intention of returning to Wuhan work development. The main activity is to build a platform for the back home, back to the Valley business innovation, job development, seek cooperation and talent. Optics Valley, a number of well-known high-tech entrepreneurs to participate in this event and to share: from the rise of Wuhan, one of the greatest achievements of domestic non listed business enterprise volume paper network CEO Mr. Huang Chengsong, introduced the advantages of Wuhan and first-tier cities contrast; according to the Wuhan news company founder Mr. Fu Cheng, from Shenzhen, Wuhan venture back into 13 years of life story, expounds his return to Wuhan business experience, thanks to the hometown of Wuhan give policy support, and on-site recruitment partner; domestic game TV industry leading enterprises in Wuhan fish company vice president Yuan Gang, share development and look forward to the betta Betta TV talents…… Peng Feng, a master of from, graduated from Wuhan University. He graduated from the University of Maryland. He said that in the Silicon Valley of Wuhan city and Optics Valley related investment policy has a strong interest, no chance to the right way and a detailed understanding of the scene just can better understand the investment environment of Wuhan, has been basically determined to return to the Chinese development. It is reported that Optics Valley will also find partners in Silicon Valley, Israel, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and so on. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu entrepreneurial WeChat, scan the next two-dimensional code or search dachucy

33家光谷企业组团赴深圳引才 近千名楚才到场面试25日,“楚才回家,光谷合伙”引才活动在深圳成功举办,斗鱼、卷皮网等33家光谷企业组团参加。活动当天,近千名楚才到会参与活动和面试,近三成与33家企业达成回武汉工作发展的意向。本次活动主要是为有意回家乡、回光谷创业创新、求职发展、谋求合作的人才搭建平台。光谷一批国内知名的高科技企业家参与了本场活动并进行了分享:从武汉崛起,成就国内最大未上市电商企业之一的卷皮网CEO黄承松先生,介绍了武汉跟一线城市对比的各项优势;武汉依讯公司创始人付诚先生,从闯深圳、回武汉创业13年的人生经历讲起,阐述了自己回武汉创业的经历,感谢家乡武汉给予的政策支持,并现场招募合伙人;国内游戏直播行业的龙头企业武汉斗鱼公司副总裁袁刚,分享了斗鱼的发展历程以及斗鱼TV对人才的期盼……现场一位来自硅谷的楚才彭锋本科硕士毕业于武汉大学,博士毕业于美国马里兰大学。他表示,在硅谷就对武汉市和光谷的相关投资政策有非常浓厚的兴趣,苦于没有合适的途径和机会去详细了解,本次来现场刚好可以更深入了解武汉的创业投资环境,基本上已确定回汉发展。据悉,光谷还将在硅谷、以色列、北京、深圳、上海等寻找合伙人。更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: