41 year old Tanya Chua for the first time to relent admitted affair I think he is very handsome invictus gaming

41 year old Tanya Chua for the first time to relent admitted affair: I think he is very handsome Tanya Chua for their concert performance satisfied according to Taiwan media reports, Tanya Chua "moughniyeh melody song" concert yesterday (27 days) to do the celebration, at the age of 41, she admitted that "age is not light." After singing both excited and tired, laughed and said: "eat B group is now in the sea." Speaking at the concert on two forget the word, she said because of the stage before the headset receiver could not find temporary, in addition to sing "blank" lattice, the headset battery more echo, she thought the "go", although there are small flaws, that their treatment is very good, still give yourself full marks. She was on the stage with her sister Amoy Jolin (Jolin) poke each other chest, funny, said: "Jolin (chest) is true, I can be sure, as for me, do not ask the." She said "I want to emulate Jolin, and immediately explained" I don’t have to say that when her successor, there will be a lot of people throw egg to me." Tanya Chua day before and served as dessert Yang (John Martin) male Johann Martin dating was shot, the celebration for the first time to relent love, her eyes light of love, eyes to ask reporters: "it is not very handsome, I also feel very handsome!" As long as the two together? She did not want to say, only to disclose: I am not a traditional way to tell you that the shot, is photographed, we do not need to hear what I say, look with the eyes." Ashamed to fall in love, and laugh and say, "yes, that’s it." Will start writing love songs, was asked to want to get married yet? She can smile in response, "too fast, let me fall in love, bless me." Tanya Chua had sent her boyfriend and she posed in the concert, the original mood is very high, but in the song "falling" was also reluctant to let everyone Yingyan, turned around and saw her tears, she said, this song has a special meaning, before he is full of negative energy, there has been no information on. Family even to my father have not put down a lot of emotion, is not love at the time of their own. She recalls making "love" and said "angels and demons" album, the most difficult is because of the chest, breathing and health problems, once wanted to give up singing, "getting dark, take things too hard, will affect their communication with the world, even the breathing is no way to do, every day in the struggle. One thing is very tired, will hate myself, want to give up everything, but fortunately through music, you find happiness. She said the death of his father in 2011, for many years with his relations are not good, at the time of his father’s death was a bomb, say goodbye to the not very pro people say, is a very strange thing, there is a skeleton in the cupboard, the memories of that low, all want to mourn every day, gas has not come out what needs to change, and suddenly have a little energy, attract some of the positive energy of the people. Jolin was in her low during that time, Jolin also experienced its ebb, also talked about this thing, "when you do not love yourself, ask yourself why, but the journey is very lonely, because I want to find the answer, give you the answer the people around, to know the heart people…" She also started to learn to do.相关的主题文章: