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500 Startups: the field of science and technology founder bubble 500 will be entrepreneurs to subvert the hunting cloud network reported on August 25th (compilation: Cai Miaoxian) editor’s note: the author is the founder of Startups Dave McClure 500. Over the years, the media have been crying, "the technology bubble next to!" However, the bubble has not yet produced. At the same time, venture capital to support the creation of enterprises are constantly financing, innovation, impact on the existing market. Despite the recent frequent bloody Unicorn financing, someone to prove that the media is correct, but this idea was wrong. Indeed, the valuation is falling, but technology entrepreneurs and investors are not depressed. In contrast, venture capital is actively preparing for, waiting for the next crazy development. Yes, not the next bubble in innovation and capital Everfount technology industry, on the contrary, real earnings are those pins and needles, and with high valuation of listed companies. The business model of these companies has been hit by the impact of the latter business model can be used to improve the magnitude of the description. More and more of the Fortune 500 CEO are beginning to realize this problem, they also gradually admit their own in the face of the fragile power of industry subversion. We will see the future, or the acquisition of listed companies that make the long night sleepless unicorn. Welcome to the era of the Unicorn hedge". All the media are keen to write about the next "technology bubble" story. Yes, they all think that they have seen such a film – exactly, the two, once in 2000, once in 2008. They think the next script should be like this; the actor should be XXX. Roller coaster ups and downs, the climax of this story, who does not love? Just to let everyone down, this time the story will not be reversed as they expected. The real turning point will be in the public market, not the private market. I’m not talking about science and technology IPO, but has been there for decades of non technology industry, the dinosaurs who. They were threatened by the unicorn. The real story is not turning technology founder and investor losses in big bust overvalued Unicorn (of course, this situation would have), but a group of veteran decades of senior Fortune 500 CEO, science and technology innovation and venture capital enterprises were defeated, these creative enterprises and venture capital only half their age that is far less than their greed. The real story is turning, Wall Street is the Silicon Valley financial technology company (as well as New York, Losangeles science and technology company) to subvert the real story; a turning point lies in the S & P 500 is still not aware of them, the average price earnings ratio should be 5-10 times than 15-25 times; the true story is turning, Oil and Natural Gas Corp and large car company don’t realize their market value is not overvalued, in 10-20 years, when electricity and automatic driving vehicle road become the norm, their market value will quickly fell to zero; the real story is also turning,.相关的主题文章: