Winter tour of Inner Mongolia, Arxan, like the frozen river Wonderland 物理学重大突破 张柏芝拄拐凹造型

"this is the winter spring bloom footprint, poetry and dream of travel distance. A flying snow romance, with the Arxan River frozen earth song, my heart murmur……" This is a fan to see me above that section of the river after the Arxan River to the video commentary. Like a poem. My literary talent is not so good, in short, the winter is not a frozen river is really beautiful!

That day I went to

, 33 of Xingan Meng weather forecast, the actual surface temperature close to 40 degrees below zero, we drove to Inner Mongolia southwest of Greater Khingan Range Lu Arxan. Here is rich in geothermal resources, high mountains and lofty hills, three gorge to halaha river near Jin Jiang Valley Forest Farm of about 20KM, river water and geothermal intersection, there is a cold in the winter of -40 DEG C is still flowing the frozen river, flocks of oxen and horses walking in the frozen river, is a unique local landscape.

came to Arxan in the coldest season of the year, splashing water into ice. The river is still not frozen river flows naturally, quite magical. The steamy, the rime crystal, on both sides of the trees and grass covered with fine scenery, with the snow reflected in the water, it is in the world!

this screen, I praise it, "if the United States in Wonderland", not too much?

Xian Qi River dense, I was in heaven!

this is my first time to go to Arxan not frozen river, luck is really good, it is the most beautiful time.

come here for a visit

more about National Park,

, Arxan

Arxan, a lot of fun places. A national park in Arxan can play for several days. It is said that the fall of colorful words, especially switzerland. The cuckoo flowers bloom, the picture is very beautiful, imagine. But in the winter of Arxan, another kind of beauty is white. We went through to pray Oboo, the rime road especially beautiful, we see the sunrise in the rime forest, see colorful flags fluttering in the rime forest, the scene, it is especially beautiful memories.

see the sunrise in the Oboo flags, New Year blessing

colorful flags, under the blue sky and holy rime