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Beauty Deep wrinkles are, arguably, the most problematic premature skin aging concern for women. Rest assured that is no shortage of deep wrinkle creams claiming to be the answer to your anti aging skin care prayers. The real reasons for such difficulty in treating this major issue can be attributed to the two types of aging: extrinsic and instrinsic. Skin Aging: A Double-Edged Sword In simple terms, intrinsic aging is based on our genetics. These are factors that we cannot change or control. Intrinsic aging unfolds over time at a predetermined pace. Conversely, extrinsic aging returns to us a balance of power. In fact, extrinsic aging factors are far more powerful than our uncontrollable genetic factors. A person�s lifestyle choices, such as, eating habits, smoker/non-smoker, sun exposure, to name a few are examples of extrinsic aging factors. Focus On What You Can Control As one ages, collagen production, a major contributor to healthy looking skin, decreases in the body. Preventing collagen loss and facilitating the production of new collagen is imperative to maintaining healthy looking skin. Recognize that lifestyle choices will determine how well you defend against the loss of collagen. Unhealthy eating habits, excessive sun exposure, and smoking will undoubtedly advance collagen loss. Your Ace In The Hole After protecting your skin from further damage by applying sunscreen daily and eating a diet rich in nutrients, then and only then will a deep wrinkle cream be most effective. Neglecting the first two priorities will leave you feeling pessimistic about the prospects of ever having younger-looking skin again. Unlike most anti aging products, the absolute best deep wrinkle creams can simultaneously diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles while stimulating collagen production in your body. This stimulation of your body’s natural collagen is imperative to the rejuvenation of your skin. Two revolutionary ingredients, silicon dioxide and idebenone, are the key to seeing results. In my research I have found only one anti aging treatment that can accomplish the dual task of hiding deep wrinkles while repairing damaged skin. It’s called LifeCell by South Beach Skincare. LifeCell is a scientifically formulated deep wrinkle cream that is partially based on Nobel Prize winning science. It is definitely worth a closer look. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: