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Weight-Loss The human body has natural processes that enable it burn fats and restore the abdomen to its flat shape. But this can only be achieved if the body can be assisted to do so through proper eating and adequate physical activities. Come with me in this expose as I show you two things the body needs to adequately burn fats. As we all know, nobody was born with belly fat. The condition arises as people grow up, mature in age and begin to develop appetite for particular foods and eating habits that create and store up fats in the belly, sometimes without their knowing it. It begins to give cause for concern when the individual observes a persistent growth in the size of the abdomen as well as a corresponding increase in the body weight, not caused by any pathological reasons. The first resort by the individual concerned is usually to try abstaining from food or eating sparingly. The natural reaction of the body to this development would be to use up stored fats in the belly to supply energy to the rest of the body which at this stage, had been shut out from energy supply. But this is often short-lived as the body at this moment is highly deprived and dehydrated, and is therefore in intense craving for food, thereby compelling the individual to return to the former state of normal eating with zest and ravenous voracity. By this I mean, they are forced to resume eating with increased hunger and desire for more food. Thus, the gains that must have been made through denials have presently been lost with the gaining of more weight through increased eating. Honestly, hunger and deprivation are by no means, ways to achieve result in this regard. There are, however, foods that help the body’s natural processes burn fats. For instance, non-fatty dairy products have great potency to burn belly fat as well as the entire body weight. I have personally observed the cattle Fulani (men and women alike) who are predominantly found in parts of North Africa and the Sahara region. They can boast of a most desirable and attractive, athletic-like figure and abs shape anybody would ever wish to have. The secret has been their consumption of raw, nutritious milk extracted from their cattle. Despite their rustic nomadic life, they still possess one of the most beautiful and alluring skins I have ever seen. The efficacy of low-fat dairy products in burning belly fat as well as other body fats can be further buttressed by the latest scientific discovery that sufficient daily consumption of yogurt can effectively burn belly fat by about 50 per cent and the entire body weight by 70 per cent. Beyond this is the role of nutrition in this process. Protein-rich foods like lobster, fish, lean meat, salmon and beans are good fat burners. Also, fiber-rich foods like oatmeal and cereals are wonderful food items that can jump-start and facilitate the process that will burn fats very quickly. These are the essential ingredients that will boost the body’s metabolism that is aptly described as the fat burning engine, to do its job. In summary, besides good, nutritious foods you will need regular abs workouts and aerobic exercises to finally remove the remnant of belly fat and tone the abdominal muscles to bring it back to its natural size. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: