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ABSORPTION & WET SCRUBBING EQUIPMENT In these air pollution control equipments, scrubbing of particulates, vapours, and gases are controlled by either passing a gas stream through a liquid solution or spraying a liquid into a gas stream. Water is the most commonly used absorbent liquid. As the gas stream contacts the liquid, the liquid absorbs the pollutants. ADSORPTION These types of air pollution control devices use the process of Adsorption for removing gases from contaminated soil, oil refineries, municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial paint shops, and steel mills. FABRIC FILTERS OR BAG HOUSES This air pollution control equipment operates in a manner similar to a household vacuum cleaner. Dust-laden gases pass through fabric bags where the dry particulates are captured on the fabric surface. After enough dust has built up on the filters, as indicated by a build up in pressure across the fabric, dust is periodically removed by blowing air back through the fabric, pulsing the fabric with a blast of air, or shaking the fabric. CATALYTIC REACTORS Dust collector and Air pollution control devices such as Catalytic reactors, referred to as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, are used extensively to control NOx emissions arising from the burning of fossil fuels in industrial processes. Ammonia is injected and mixed with the flue gases upstream of the SCR reactor. In the SCR reactor, ammonia and NOx react to form nitrogen and water. Greater than 90% NOx removal is possible with these air pollution control systems. CYCLONES Dust-laden gas is whirled rapidly inside a collector shaped like a cylinder (or cyclone). The swirling motion creates centrifugal forces that cause the particles to be thrown against the walls of the cylinder and drop into a hopper below. The gas left in the middle of the cylinder after the dust particles have been removed moves upward and exits the cylinder. Cyclones operate to collect relatively large size PM from a gaseous stream, and can operate at elevated temperatures. ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATORS (ESPS) ESPs are relatively large, low velocity dust collection air pollution control devices that remove particles in much the same way that static electricity in clothing picks up small pieces of lint. Transformers are used to develop extremely high voltage drops between charging electrodes and collecting plates. The electrical field produced in the gas stream as it passes through the high voltage discharge introduces a charge on the particles, which is then attracted to the collecting plates. INCINERATORS This air pollution control equipment involves the high efficiency combustion of certain solid, liquid, or gaseous wastes. The reactions may be self-sustaining based on the combustibility of the waste, or may require the addition of auxiliary fuels, such as natural gas or propane. BIOFILTERS Bio filters operate to destroy VOCs and odours by microbial oxidation of these problem compounds. They are most effective on water-soluble materials. The polluted air is passed through a wetted bed, which supports a biomass of bacteria that absorb and metabolize pollutants. Efficiencies over 98% are possible with this air pollution control equipment. Electrostatic precipitators (wet and dry types), Fabric filters (also called bag houses) Wet scrubbers, and Cyclones (or multi-clones). Thermal oxidizers, Catalytic reactors, Carbon adsorbers, Absorption towers, and Bio filters. Perfectly Optimized On-page Seo List By: Charlie Hahn – OneDaySeo offers regular monthly Search Engine Optimization packages which lead to a considerable rise of sales, earnings, and also price efficiency for our clients. 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