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If you are not good at marketing then definitely you are missing something very essential for your trade. Making the presence of your business felt on the internet through a website with relevant pages is quite a necessity in this digital world. Make sure to establish yourself digitally in the most viable way. So many small, medium and large scale industries have come up in Gujarat in the last 5 years. If the emerging trade & commerce industries of Gujarat are to be listed, it would surely contain Pharmacy companies Stainless steel companies Fabric companies Travel agents Hotels Tiles & ceramics Bridal wear Real estates Educational institutes And so much more" If this is to be considered by a business point of view, think about the amount of promotion of goods & services which can be carried out with the help of all the local resources. Each of the above mentioned industries would be having a large number of players wanting eagerly to be promoted. And there is no better place for mass-promotion of goods & services of various industries than the internet. So don"t you think a Web Design Company has an important role to play here? The first impression to be created on any potential client / client through the web-pages will definitely be crucial as it can attract new scope of business or it could also be the other way around. So the web pages have to be attractive to the user and profitable to the client at the same time. It is very essential to mention the facts & figures which have to be stated on the web-page of the firm should be accurate to maintain a fair understanding between both the parties and to conserve the image of the firm. Bragging about the achievements should also be avoided as that too tends to form a negative image for the firm. Special focus should be given to those achievements or stuff which can actually differentiate your firm from the competitors as innovation does matter a lot. Various experts who have ample experience in web designing come together to work on different existent platforms to create the web pages of your demand which could be java, asp, ajax or any other. Care should be taken that everything about the pages should be pre-determined and the designers should be enlightened about the nature of the business of the firm to a certain extent to avoid any misunderstandings. Cost is also an important factor. Care should be taken that the return for the investment made on the web designing should be financially viable when compared to its contribution to the overall trade. The charge taken by a well established web designer would be more when compared to that of a new player but then again there will be changes in the quality of the work. Compromises or decisions to be made are the final authority of the interested firm so should be wise. 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