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Health Low cost Spine Surgery in India is now available for International Patients and being performed using Minimal Invasive technique providing better results with fewer scars on the patients body. The patients are provided with the services of hugely experienced and having successful profile of performing numerous numbers of successful spine surgeries on International Patients from every part of the world. The surgeons have abroad expertise and experience of performing on spine surgery in western countries and are well informed with the best of the healthcare facilities and know to provide complete hygiene to the patient during the complete course of the hospital stay for the surgery. Low cost Spine surgery in India is one of the best options available for people suffering from various cervical spine problems and cervical spine surgery is the only permanent solution for the patients in order to completely get rid of the cervical spine problems. Procedure Spine Surgery in India: The goal of cervical spine surgery is to relieve pain, numbness, tingling and weakness, restore nerve function and stop or prevent abnormal motion in the spine. Your surgeon does this by removing a disc or a bone and fusing the vertebrae together with a bone graft either in front of or behind the spine. The bone graft may be one of two types: an autograft (bone taken from your body) or an allograft (bone from a bone bank). Sometimes metal plates, screws or wires are also used to further stabilize the spine. These techniques are called instrumentation. When the vertebrae have been surgically stabilized, abnormal motion is stopped and function is restored to the spinal nerves. Cervical spine surgery may be indicated for a variety of cervical spine problems. Generally, surgery may be performed for degenerative disorders, trauma or instability. Conditions for Spine Surgery ? Degenerative Disease In degenerative disease the discs or cushion pads between your vertebrae shrink, causing wearing of the disc, which may lead to herniation. You may also have arthritic areas in your spine. This degeneration can cause pain, numbness, tingling and weakness from the pressure on the spinal nerves. Cervical Deformity Patients with a deformity in their cervical spine, such as hyperlordosis or swan neck deformity, may benefit from surgery to straighten and stabilize the spine. Injury Since the neck is so flexible it is vulnerable to injury. Some injuries can cause a fracture and or dislocation of the cervical vertebra. In a severe injury the spinal cord may also be damaged. Patients with a fracture, especially with spinal cord damage, undergo surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and stabilize the spine. If there is spinal cord compression involved, the surgery normally involves removing part of the disc. Normally done through the front of the neck, the surgery is called an anterior discectomy. In this procedure, the ruptured disc is removed through a small incision. If the surgeon chooses to fill it with a bone graft, a fusion may be necessary and the surgeon fills the disc space with a donated bone or one from the patient so that the vertebrae fuse together. Often, the surgeon will choose to use a titanium plate and screw for added stability and to assist in the fusion. When considering your options for Low cost Cervical Spine Surgery in India, speak with your surgeon about what the procedure involves, how to prepare, and ask questions about your recovery time. Often times, specific recommendations are provided based on the patient’s lifestyle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: