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Mobile-Cell-Phone So, who doesnt already know Toy Story series today, every kid like it and turned into loyal fans on this franchise, this Disney creation is very popular and earn a lot of attention since I was child, with the lovely character like Woody, Buzz lightyear, and all of Toy story group from Pixar who have unique character along with wonderful adventure on them. Just like you know, toy story has an fascinating story where similar to the name said show a story around toy which often becomes alive any time no human notice. If you are looking for Toy Story Game then you need to look at this official video game from Disney. Lets look into the detail under. Feature Basically the game play on Toy Story Smash is a brain puzzle along with a bit action etc, in this game you will play as one of the main character Buzz lightyear. Since you may know Buzz has a cool laser on his hand, so that you can shoot some thing in your adventure definitely. You may notice, the concept is the same with angry bird just with a little different gameplay. On this game you will shoot a bunch of box to defeat the pretty alien from the movie, not with laser beam but with unique and different ball to work with with. Once you shoot the box, the alien is going to drop and its pretty hilarious to see them falling down like they will be, a toy. The control is pretty simple, you can see the normal virtual button on the left of your screen to move the character and then tap to shoot. Every level has various challenges and setup for you, each one has 3 stars to obtain. There’s particular condition to attain these 3 stars however, you can certainly replay all level to get more star if you’d like. Initially its simple to complete each level by using one tap or shoot, once you progress the level could be more difficult and need more depth technique to complete. Sometimes its quite easy to get 3 stars and sometime its very challenging to get it. You will find around 90 levels for you that’s mean hr of fun and action for your Smart phone. On the graphic it is obvious that Disney will provide Toy Story Game having awesome and good 3D graphic. You can see the detail of the character like Buzz, Woody, as well as the other. The atmosphere is pretty awesome, ranging from ordinary family room to wild forest on the exterior. You will find a number of powers up that you can get and those powers up can create an awesome explosion in your ball, with this power up it’s easy to make those alien fly just like a rag doll. The animation look great and smooth, Buzz movements is very nice and also perfectly animated. Toy Story Smash it offer plenty of funs, great graphic, challenging game play, and the most important is lots of Toy Story character. If you’d like to play the game, you are able to download it at Google Play for $0.99 right now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: