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Travel-and-Leisure Seville and Athens are two cities in two different countries. Seville is in Spain, while Athens is in Greece. So what do these two cities have in common? They are both rich in history, and they both have a fascinating heritage. For this reason, travelers who are interested in magnificent architectures, monuments, galleries and museums or archeological sites can look forward to a real treat. In Seville, buildings and monuments you must not miss include the Alcazar, the Cathedral, and the Giralda. All three are religious buildings, used for prayers or performing religious rituals. If you care to dig a little deeper, each of them will have a different story to tell. For example, there is a story about Giralda there goes something like this. This cathedral was used by the Moors many years ago for religious reasons as well as an observatory. During the Christian conquest of the city, the Moors almost wanted to destroy it. However, they were stopped at the very last minute by an order issued by King Alfonso X – "If so much as a stone is missing from the Giralda, everyone would be put to death." Hence, the building was saved. As for Athens, the city is famous for its numerous archaeological sites. These include The Acropolis of Athens, The Roman Agora of Athens, lusikrates monument, Panathenaic Stadium, Panathenaic Stadium, and more. Athens also has no lack of galleries. There is the Acropolis Museum, the Benaki Museum, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, and the Museum of Cycladic Art. If you don’t have the time to visit all of them, you should still make an effort to visit the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. This is Greece’s most comprehensive store of archeological finds. Regardless of which city you decide to visit, there are certainly no lack of interesting destinations. To make the most out of your time while you are in the city, perhaps it is best that you consider hiring a car. There are many benefits that a hired car can offer you. For instance, navigating the roads in an unfamiliar city may pose a problem. The road signs may be in a foreign language, and it’s easy to get lost. There are two ways to overcome this problem. The first way is to request for the services of a driver. The driver will be able to bring you to wherever you wish to go. The second way is to request for a GPS navigation system. Most rented cars already come equipped with GPS navigation system, but to play safe, always remember to ask for it. A GPS system will allow you to navigate the roads easily without the presence of a stranger in the car. Remember that these may be considered special requests. If you have other special needs, always make an effort to submit your requests to the car hiring company as early as possible. With a rented car, you can enjoy the freedom of traveling (or stopping) whenever you want to. You can also easily make changes to your travel plans. So hire a car to visit more destinations in Seville or Athens. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: