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Taxes A great number of factors go into making a decision between protecting your assets in Panama vs Switzerland. While Switzerland is well respected with a long history, it no longer lives up to it’s reputation. Many people struggle with deciding between the reputation of Swiss asset protection, and the many benefits available in Panama today. Panama now offers what Switzerland was once famous for but has now closed down due to pressures from the United States. Switzerland was once "down to earth", protecting those oppressed by offering them numbered accounts. Those days are long gone. Now Switzerland bankers walk around with their "noses in the air". Minimum deposit requirements are now at a staggering $250K for the well established banks. Even the small banks require a $10k minimum balance. Swiss bankers do not like a declining balance over several months. If you operate your account in this way, depending on the age of your account, you may be asked to close your account. This is a very snobbish attitude, but very real. A new Swiss bank account holder should be wary of this restriction. Panama banks do not take issue with a large deposit followed by regular withdrawals. Swiss banks are stable and well respected, but it comes at a price. In fact a Swiss bank require US citizens to provide their social security number! Such a requirement make bank secrecy almost a joke. Banks in Panama, on the other hand, have no such requirement. Swiss financial institutions co-operate with tax authorities from other countries for tax evasion type cases. Panama does not consider tax evasion a crime and as such does not co-operate with any such investigations. Although Swiss banks are larger than Panama banks, many people are now choosing Panama to protect their assets. Panama has much stronger bank secrecy laws, both on the books, and in practice. Panama banks are also very large and well established by anyone’s standards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: