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Finance If you’ve been keeping up, so far we?ve learned how to change a life from worse to better, and utilized tools that can last a lifetime. In this issue, I’ll go over the proper way to set a goal. Goals are simple things right? Wrong, there are lots of complex operations that happen inside your brain when you set a goal, accomplish/fail, and set out to do your work. In order to achieve the highest level of goal setting completion, I’m going to show you how you can maximize success and minimize failure. Each new lesson builds on the previous, so I hope you’ve read the last few articles. So what happens when you set a goal? You create a space mentally for something to fill it. Either you’re going to fill it with success, or with failure. Hopefully after we’re done today you’ll learn a very useful technique that will boost your rate of success. First you must be able to switch on your introspective mode at any time of day, and not only realize, but be honest with yourself, your true emotional state. Next you need to find that ideal state when goals are accomplished easily. That’s why the journal and reflection practice will come in handy. So now you?re ready to start completing your goals right? These tools can be used in any area of life, the success mindset is good for anyone that needs it. Most often our goals are denied by our brain because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the data stored in our memory. This is why we’re going to go over a process I like to call the write and review. Take out a pencil and a notebook, and get ready to roll. First think of a pretty decent goal, but something that is achievable at your current level of success. If you’re goal is to double you’re income, make it more realistic and move on to the next step. Step one would be to write down your goal. Try to be as specific as possible, and list each detail. How will you feel, how much money will you earn, how many points will you score? List each and everything that you think is going to happen, and want to happen. Now, read your goal a few times to yourself and then revise it. That’s right, write it out again! This time write it in a better way, be more descriptive, and take out the things that you didn?t quite like in the first place. This process takes a little time, around half an hour. After re writing your goal many times, you’ve honed in on the perfect balance from all levels of your being. Every part of you has had its chance to express how your goal will make an impact in your life. If for example your goal is to make more money, most people would assume you?d have to work longer. Then your brain can launch into many different ways of thinking. Will I have free time, maybe I won’t have time for my family, etc? This is why you need to be as specific as possible, and write out I will make $10,000 on my next deal effortlessly, without detracting from my usual time restraints’ With the example above, rewrite your goal until you rate it a 10/10. It must give you a perfect feeling, like it couldn’t get any better. This should cause a lot of excitement while you?re writing, and you may experience feelings like you ALREADY have success! This is another key factor to becoming successful. You get to experience wonderful feelings of joy and excitement, before the goods come through the door! Be careful not to get carried away, and keep up with your journal daily. Now everyday you should write out your goal at least ten times. This forces your sub conscious to focus on it, through the medium of writing which is perceptual as well as active. You?re using your body, your mind, and experiencing emotions of a completed goal. This is a great way to help your sub conscious get an idea of what you want. After a while you should feel a click, and you’ll be able to perform these processes naturally, like all the other naturally successful people! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: