due to the global crude oil demand downturn 长春大学音乐学院

BP last year, the worst performance in 20 years the annual loss of $6 billion 500 million in the Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yusun Hao Tian) British Petroleum Company (hereinafter referred to as "BP") before the announcement that due to the continued decline in international oil prices, the company reached $6 billion 500 million in 2015 annual loss, the biggest loss in nearly 20 years. Together with the annual performance, there was also a four quarter replacement cost profit of $196 million, far below the market forecast of $730 million, a decrease of $2 billion 200 million over the same period of last year in 2015. In 2015, the replacement cost profit was $5 billion 900 million, down 51% over the same period of last year. It is understood that, due to frequent fluctuations in oil prices, the oil industry usually use the replacement cost profit as an accounting method to calculate the profit. BP said in spite of its strong operating performance and low cost, it still recorded losses throughout the year, because the rapidly falling oil and gas prices have impacted the upstream business of BP. The negative impact of oil and gas price declines has been affecting downstream industries from upstream industries. It is reported that, due to the global crude oil demand downturn, while the supply of crude oil and excess situation, Brent oil prices continue to hover since 2012 low, which is about 33 U.S. dollars barrels. BP further explained that when oil prices fell to $60 a barrel last year and continued to fall, BP became more difficult, and, like other oil producers, BP was seeking to reduce exploration projects and cut costs associated with it. Among them, downsizing is an effective measure. In January, BP announced plans to lay off 4000 people in the exploration and mining sector; in February 2nd, BP again announced a 3000 increase in the number of layoffs, involving the downstream business sector, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. There are cost cuts along with layoffs, BP has cut spending by 3 billion 400 million dollars last year, capital spending will be controlled between 17 billion -190 billion dollars in the next two years, and BP has also planned to sell 3 billion -50 billion worth of assets to cope with the loss crisis. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

BP去年创20年来最差业绩 全年亏损65亿美元   北京商报讯(记者 钱瑜 孙昊天)英国石油公司(以下简称“BP”)日前发布公告称,由于国际油价持续走低,该公司在2015年全年亏损达65亿美元,创近20年来最大亏损。   与全年业绩一同公布的还有2015年四季度的重置成本利润,为1.96亿美元,远低于市场预期的7.3亿美元,较上年同期的22亿美元大幅减少。2015年全年的重置成本利润为59亿美元,比上年同期下跌51%。据了解,由于油价波动较为频繁,石油行业通常使用重置成本利润作为会计核算方法来计算利润。   BP在财报中表示,尽管经营业绩表现强劲而且成本在不断降低,但全年却仍然录得亏损,这是因为快速下跌的石油和天然气价格对BP的上游业务造成了冲击。石油和天然气价格下跌的负面影响从上游行业一直影响到了下游行业。据悉,由于全球原油需求低迷,同时原油供应又存在过剩的情况,布伦特油价持续徘徊在2012年以来的低位,即33美元 桶左右。   BP进而解释,当油价自去年跌至60美元 桶,并持续下跌的时候,BP的境况就变得越发艰难,和其他石油生产商一样,BP正在寻求减少勘探项目和削减相关成本的支出。   其中,裁员就是一项行之有效的措施。今年1月,BP就曾宣布了在勘探与开采部门裁员4000人的计划;2月2日BP再度宣布裁员人数再增加3000人,涉及到下游业务部门,预计将在2017年底完成。与裁员一同进行的还有成本削减,去年BP已经削减支出34亿美元,未来两年的资本支出也将被控制在170亿-190亿美元之间,另外BP也已有计划出售30亿-50亿美元的资产来应对亏损危机。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: