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Donnie Yen live show in the first martial arts superstar "fear child" – Wang Shishi and Donnie Yen doll Pictures Entertainment Sohu Sohu Donnie Yen entertainment news never variety show the martial arts star Donnie Yen because of Nicholas Tse’s "bad", "at the invitation of twelve Feng taste" in the show and show loving knife work; never played live, Donnie Yen also completed his the live debut in November 12th, the Asian Conference on Star Wars. The same day, watching more than 770 thousand fans live fans, visible Donnie Yen strong appeal. Donnie Yen live martial arts star also sell adorable as muscle Yinggang gang of the martial arts superstar, Donnie Yen in the studio is very easy-going, everywhere reveal affinity, and screen those roles be quite different. Live, Donnie Yen received a gift, Donnie Yen opened it all according to his character customization of hand, there are also a blind man shook his head doll, Q version of the Qilu special excitement, like a child, kept playing out, to watch live friends carefully explain these dolls hand to hold how is the use of props. The Donnie Yen favorite is a live version of the 1:6 ratio produced by Donnie Yen model. Donnie Yen said, this doll is done very fine, not only clothing, movie props and even fingers are as like as two peas, and they also deliberately make photography as like as two peas, gave a close-up, hand and doll their hands together more. "Wow! How can I do it like this!" Donnie Yen said with emotion. With these toys, Donnie Yen admitted that the biggest problem when he was homesick. For example, they go abroad filming, in many cases the children agreed before he retired. He said, his latest movie "Star Wars: a biography" if children, not the "Star Wars" movie series "iron", Halloween also made some Star Wars clothes do cosplay, he could not pick up the show. He asked the children, you love daddy plays the IP series or Star Wars series? The children did not hesitate to answer: of course is Star Wars! "Well, I’ll tell myself, I can’t do the show." Thus, to subdue martial arts star is actually the lovely children. Donnie Yen and white soldiers posed a challenging role in the live broadcast of the theme is to talk about the film starring Donnie Yen. Donnie Yen played a blind man in Qilu film, handheld crossbow and super technology transformation, before the "blind monk" style in many Hollywood stars in the same strain, abnormal eye-catching, no sense of violation. Donnie Yen said in the broadcast, as a Chinese actor, and Jiang Wen together with the filming of the movie "Star Wars" is a very proud, very glorious thing, but more exciting is that his role is very full, on his own career is a challenge. He said, the blind warrior often said "let the force be with me", connected with the "Star Wars" series of theme. Plus the blind warrior can only be felt in the heart, with the idea to put the power of play, it is fun to play. "To tell you a little secret, to make the character blind is my own advice. When the director asked me about the role, I said.相关的主题文章: