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Easy to network co-founder Tang Peng: the second half is about the car scene of the battle of Sohu technology recently, easy to co-founder, CTO Tang Peng was invited by the CHTA Global Conference held in Yunnan "Transforming economy and large data sharing forum. The participants, Tang Peng made the theme of "war scene – travel scene and sharing travel" speech, he said, "in the sharing of travel in World War II, the first half ended, the second half of the war has just begun, is based on the scene of the war." The same share of travel, very different gameplay. In Tang Peng view, easy to cut and different, easy to provide a more in-depth scene services, and hotels, airports, attractions and other close combination. Tang Peng said, drops, Uber merger announced the beginning of the second half of the shared travel. In his view, the car sharing is the future of the world war scene, so easy to put forward the "whole life" service, by car to the entrance of O2O, overweight, open online and offline, consumption, shopping and entertainment etc. embedded, help users a one-stop access to high quality products and services. According to Analysys released eleven year holiday travel data show that the total driving car easy to travel longer than 2 million hours, equivalent to 233 and a half years of time. The number of the total mileage of a car trip of nearly 60 million km, nearly 1500 laps around the earth equator. A car trip of 1 million 544 thousand active users, equal to 3 times of the total population in Macao. The number of active drivers up to 608 thousand people, equivalent to half the population of Mauritius. The data show that car travel huge market demand. Take the hotel industry as an example. Car travel and hotel users have a very high degree of matching. Easy to since its inception, has been committed to providing high-quality travel for high-end business users, accumulated more than 6 years in the high-end users and business travel hotel industry and tourism is closely related to user. This is easy to rely on the user to travel large data depth mining. Easy to big data analysis shows that the airport has a high viscosity of the use of the scene. Because many business users the most headaches is to travel from the airport. Based on this part of the user needs, easy to launch so far by the majority of users love CIP car channel. Easy to use the shuttle service to the user, you can enjoy free CIP exclusive service, do not line up, greatly saving travel time, you can also enjoy the exclusive VIP lounge free. Secondly, the hotel also has a high viscosity travel scenarios. For example, from the airport to the hotel, or from the hotel to the airport. Other hotel users and members also have higher demand for local travel, such as booking second days travel attractions, easy to rent, half day, there are attractions, such as Badaling route, can be very good to meet this part of business users to travel convenience, comfort, local demand. In Tang Peng view, the hotel provides users with high viscosity service needs, hoping to improve the loyalty of users and members. Easy to reach the hotel products and services are very high. For example, you can provide the most complete travel"相关的主题文章: