Oral my husband pushed my blue, said there is no pure friendship between men and women 姉summer

Oral: my husband pushed my blue, said there is no pure friendship between men and women is a 28 year old married woman, and her husband from love to marriage since more than three years, have been feeling good, but recently because a thing very unpleasant. Cause to say is very simple, he could not tolerate my contacts with friends, especially the morning breeze. The morning breeze and I met for 6 years, is hundred-percent "Iron Man", of course, with the male confidant he may be more appropriate to describe. Know when morning I had just graduated from college, because of work reasons, I chose to stay in a foreign country, over the past few years have the opportunity to back home, this let the childhood sweetheart first boyfriend resolutely and I parted. The big blow to me, as a colleague and fellow of the morning breeze, gave me great help, let me regain confidence in life and slowly cheer up. The morning was a wise and elegant man. Whenever I face some choices, and not happy, have love for him and complain. He is willing to be my listener, conscientiously sum up to identify the crux in two words or three will let me. Later, he returned home alone, because business needs, I often work in the city, every time take some home products to me, have a meal together, take care of my situation. He occasionally talks about his troubles and listen to my advice. To tell you the truth, I really care about this friendship, I once asked him, if one day you married the wife do not want us to do? He was adamant that she should be able to understand! I did not expect, but I worry about things happen in their own body. My husband is a civil servant, three years ago by the introduction of understanding, he was very good to me, get along with more than a year to feel good about marriage. At the beginning of this year, I finally back home to work, he ended up with two days of separation. After those who can really stay together morning and night tea daily necessaries, trivial ensued, stumbling is always inevitable. After coming back, and the chance to meet more, we often talk. Did not think the husband accidentally very angry to know his existence, let me explain how not to believe, he said between men and women, where there are so pure friendship, you must give me a cuckold. Must I take him to see the morning breeze. I dare to promise, afraid of his impulsive aggressive behavior has hurt the morning breeze. Can the more so the more he insisted, I got in a dilemma. One side is the side of friendship, is love, why do they have to be incompatible, are married women can not have male confidant? I don’t want to lose any one, what can I do, can you give me some advice? Answer: Masaharu married woman can have male confidant, but I am afraid that any man could bear this intimate relationship more than her husband, and even to discuss her husband. In other words, no matter how much you close male confidant, if you want a happy marriage, there is no doubt that the closest one to be about your husband. This can not be about the same to vague distinction, there must be a 1234, must put her husband in the first place. Otherwise, it is the leading role. Many married women often want to have one to talk about相关的主题文章: