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"China type relationship" Chen Jianbin "emperor Tucao" lines cited hot – Beijing with "China relation" in the Oriental TV hit, play many lines on social networks became popular, even in the past mostly audience impression solemn, dignified image shows Chen Jianbin, because Ma Guoliang play a angle becomes "unlucky" "emperor tucao". In the face of divorce derailed back for his ex-wife, Ma Guoliang: "there are two Tucao honeymoon?" Even in the face of many smaller than their own, full of clever girl of 90 Huo Yaoyao, he will not mistake tongue: "you who ah? I washed my face and changed it." In addition to Tucao outside, Ma Guoliang will be his career as a cause of frustration in the eyes of middle-aged men and women in the world to tell the horse, played by Jiang and Dai Xu played a strong, such as "what is the network? When you are not connected to the network, how many people you know, but how many people know you when you are unlucky". So the language to explain the name "China type relationship" scenes in the play: meet the eye everywhere western education such as long Jiang Yinan said: "the first people to respect yourself, is likely to be respected." And a businessman Luo Shifeng insisted that "no money, money can’t buy polite and respect." The collision of all kinds of views, the audience that this is "a sense of realistic themes of textbook". (Wang Qing)相关的主题文章: