The old man left his son after the death of his wife had no place to live 残清1864

The old man left his son after the death of his wife had no place to live 20 years ago, Ms. song came from Heilongjiang to work in Dalian. A chance, in the park met the widowed Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun has 5000 yuan of wages each month, a more than and 10 year old son. After two years of communication, mutual impression is not bad, went to get a marriage certificate. After marriage, Mr. Sun everywhere to take care of Ms. song, but things are not as good as she imagined. A few years ago, their area demolition, Mr. Sun received two suites, the son has married, Mr. Sun took one to the son, the house property certificate is written with the name of his son, another by their old two residential, the property permits to write is Mr. Sun name. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Sun checked out the terminal stage of cancer, two months later, Mr. Sun died. After cooking the funeral, his son came to the door, took out a will ask Ms. song Tengfang, Ms. song know this, Mr. Sun after learning of his illness, secretly made a will, will give a son inheriting property. Life without a song to find a lawyer to consult the matter. Liaoning Tianying firm Li Dan lawyers: if the demolition houses is the common property of Ms. song and Mr. Sun, then the resettlement housing should also belong to the common property of the couple, the Old Testament has not been agreed that Ms. song, the right to dispose of (a monkey will more than half of housing ownership) part invalid. That was the demolition of housing is the common property of the monkey and his ex-wife, so resettlement housing cannot be identified as Laosun and Ms. song of the common property of the couple, the monkey will share personal gift komago komago will, according to the share of the inheritance old houses, according to the legal successor of the mother to enjoy the the housing share, eventually obtain the ownership of this house.     Wen Fu相关的主题文章: