Divorced woman secretly love angered mother like her to be in love in the family sql2005安装图解

Divorced woman secretly love mother wants her to choose her to divorce in the family is in love with his son and mother, 3 generations enjoyable. But the mother asked her at this stage no longer concentrate on marriage, raised his son. But she was still in love with her mother, her mother was very angry after knowing that she wanted to make love in the family…… I love to talk to her mother Chen Fangfang, 38 years old, Libra, my first marriage lasted 7 years, the mother is not love her husband, can be said to be arranged for her to hand my divorce. After my divorce, she immediately bought a new house to take me to live with my son, all the expenses borne by her mother, she took care of our lives very well. She knows every teacher to teach her son, parents will always be her to open. My son said no matter what is the mother and grandmother stopped, he was more pro. I am truly grateful for all the things she has done for me and my son. Most of the time, we three generations enjoyable. But sometimes it may not be happy. Simple to say, let us the most unpleasant is my personal life, mother asked me at this stage do not concentrate on marriage, raised his son. And I very much do not agree with this point of view, I am eager to get into a happy marriage from the beautiful love. The mother before retirement in the unit is the leader, is a very capable person, very strong person, and she hate people mean what one says, to do. Divorce these years I talked several times of love is back with her, but she was aware of traces, she was very angry and said I had a relationship with his son to roll a monk, but also gave her all these years she spent money for us. This is impossible for me to complete the problem, his son brought up by her childhood, and her feelings far better than me, my son will never go with me. My salary is less than half of her retirement pay. Think about it a few times before love so downhearted, then. Now my boyfriend thinks my mother is too strong, has been encouraging me to be independent, let me directly with the mother announced love, and then moved to his side to live. I tried to talk to my mother, she was very angry, guess it was my boyfriend’s idea, and immediately decided that he was deliberately against her people, but also accused me of being brainwashed by an outsider. She asked me to love and affection in the two election, said that if I moved in with this man, she and I completely out of mother daughter relationship, when had not given birth to me. Love is what I want, affection is I can not give up, the two choice of a word, too painful. Dialogue mother why so strong? Zhang Wei: you are already an adult, your mother for you, how do you feel? Chen Fangfang: she is good for me, I am worried about being cheated. But she asked me not to fall in love or marriage before the son admitted to the university is very difficult. Zhang Wei: have you ever cheated? Chen Fangfang: she thinks I’m going to lose my ex husband. Zhang Wei: what do you think? Have you talked to your mother about it? Chen Fangfang: I don’t think so, not discussed, she is too strong, she said what is it, anyway, I say nothing, she will not listen. Note that no one can replace you to face the life of No. 2 in the evening, Chen Fangfang and I met in a restaurant in Yubei Ranjiaba. Is her boyfriend sent her to write to me is the idea of her boyfriend. See chen.相关的主题文章: