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Liu Zhenyun: as a "mobile phone" the male audience out of breath — entertainment channel, recently by Liu Zhenyun, the original Pro screenwriter, directed by Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing starred in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the "best film of the San Sebastian Film Festival" golden shell and best actress award double silver shell; and also from the original work Liu Zhenyun is the screenwriter movie "one top ten thousand finalists this year" is the October opening of the Busan International Film Festival main competition unit. Two works "one top ten thousand", "I am not Pan Jinlian" has been adapted into a movie and beach in November, therefore, the media commented that in November this year called "Liu Zhenyun". It is interesting that, as early as 13 years ago, Liu Zhenyun and Feng Xiaogang, the classic Chinese New Year comedy "mobile phone" by, the origin is not shallow. Corresponding to the "mobile phone" tells the story of a man derailed new story, "a top ten thousand words of" interpretation of a man was derailed cuckold under epic. Therefore, there is an early look at the film, said the media, if the phone to allow men to pick up the skin layer, "top ten thousand sentences," so that a woman’s heart. "Mobile phone" let a man picking the skin, "saying" let the woman heart ache after the movie "one top ten thousand" as the "Silk Road" International Film Festival opening film screenings in advance, have seen the film, the audience said, the same as the "derailed" theme, "mobile phone" focus on the male perspective that tells a lie in the men appear to be derailed numerous lie story, very black humor "Liu’s joke", make the film more than the banter with realistic irony; and "one top ten thousand", "pain" women’s heart, in a silent the running sound, emotional conflicts and inner struggle will contemporary people face in life and marriage exposed to the public, like a thrilling "no smoke of war". According to the "mobile phone" let a man picking the skin, "a top ten thousand words of" let the woman heart ache ", Liu Zhenyun said with a smile," beat "mobile phone" when offended all men, the film has a classic lines’ to be honest ‘, so many friends to see me after that, "you’re not a kind ah, this time I for the male audience out of gas, let a woman hurt a heart" gold writer director Oscar teamed up with daughter cooperation honed "inner war blade" as one of the most famous writers Chinese, Liu Zhenyun not only has an indispensable role in the China literary world in the film the circle is also the leading ace screenwriter, his point has been roaring waves of ordinary people to the inner world, and the ordinary life of the common people to the extreme. "1942" is shown in the containment, many fleeing on numerous living beings; "I am not Pan Jinlian" tells the story of an ordinary woman Li Xuelian as "ten way to correct a word" difficult "; and a top ten thousand words of" around the shoemaker found his wife derailed after cattle patriotic struggles start from the "tolerance" to "break", from "smoke to kill" to "collateral" and finally to "put down", each blade struggle sympathetic, every "sword" are very powerful. It is worth mentioning that, "top ten thousand sentences," the director is Liu Zhenyun)相关的主题文章: