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You do not know the time and space apostles renamed behind the scenes! Remember, serialized in the popular cartoon animation Tencent exclusive "time" the apostles had not called "time apostles", it has been a more popular name is "time" prisoner. So why does the prisoner of time change its name? The penguin mother must cry, the pot is not back! Since it is not required to change the mother penguin, Xiao Bai is master of yourself? No~no~ have you ever heard of the existence of a mysterious, powerful presence in the world called "irresistible force"? Yes. Because of an irresistible cause, the time and space apostles were born! What? The readers are not satisfied with the new name? Do you think that the space-time apostle does not perfectly reflect the connotation of "prisoner" in the original works? Gee, you do not know, "the name" the time than this work, almost renamed "XX"! Photo card: P.S. the last of the masses is ha eat melon "matchmaker" author of new small fox. Whether we can feel the laughter from the fox version was irresistible force was renamed "acacia tree" of his pleasure? Well, back to the "small space" VS ~ "time" the, there really is no comparison no harm! So everyone in the name "apostle" time to feel grateful, first of all to thank the mother penguin "space" the hometown of your extraordinary teacher commissioning editor, brain hole frightened countless masses eat melon; secondly thank the "space-time" put forward the proposal of the teacher the apostle! You are the day you are, you are the beautiful cloud! Finally, a vote of thanks to the white Xiao greatly shaken, no veto the sonorous and forceful! "Space and time" after the first phase of the small theater, finished. "Time" the animation will be launched in September 30th, so stay tuned! Want to know more "space and time" the news of the animation please click: Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular animation works.相关的主题文章: