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Hebei scenic area is a simulation of " shops wantonly selling guns; " channel (Figure) – Hebei – people.com.cn original title: Hebei area shops wantonly selling simulation "guns" (map) luanzhou scenic city in front of a shop stocked with "mortar" and "shells". Zhang Fan photo Beijing the day before, the reporter received Shijiazhuang reflect public Wang said during the National Day in Hebei Province, Tangshan City Luanxian he play luanzhou ancient city, the scenic spots are the shops wantonly selling firearms simulation, one of the stores, and even a large number of military firearms and ammunition sales simulation simulation. In this regard, the reporter went to the Beijing state city water survey. Located in the old city of Luanxian County in the state city water, which belongs to the national 4A scenic spot, is a set of cultural, commercial, tourism and leisure as one of the antique buildings. This called "Military Museum" in the store sales simulation gun. Zhang Fan lively eleven golden week just past, the streets of the ancient city appears to be some depression, few visitors. Approximately 2 km of the city’s main road on both sides, around the balloon with the simulation gun entertainment project, and a stall selling "toy gun". In a gun booth, the reporter found that there are five or six kinds of simulation guns sold. A stall strongly recommended to reporters, said the "toy gun" use glass projectile, can break the beer bottle close, and some tourists during the National Day is a buy more than 10. The owner took a toy gun bullet with a glass display on the spot to reporters, only a projectile can penetrate two meters outside the beer bottle. (Chen Siwei, commissioning editor Chen Rujian) original title: Hebei area shops wantonly selling simulation "guns" (map) in the store shelves with clip, bullets and other items. Cui Tao taken with further investigation, in a state city water, "Military Museum" Beijing shop caused the attention of reporters. The door of the store has a "indoor ban on smoking pictures" brand. The reporter saw, the ammunition boxes buttress neatly placed in the doorway, ammunition boxes placed above a "mortar" and several "mortar", placed beside a large number of aircraft gun shells "". The store’s merchandise is to let reporters surprise, it can be said from the Second World War to the people’s Liberation Army active duty equipment are. Reporters saw in the shop on the ground have put three or four "very heavy guns" on the shelves is a World War II "is the type eleven light machine gun" ("crooked handle guns"), "Thompson submachine gun", "Czech light machine gun" and "official rifle", "RPG", "mine", "grenade" and various "shells", "bullet" and "magazine". More light weight machine gun is placed in the store. Cui Tao photo shop owner said, "these guns are genuine, fake a lose ten, but the guns removed the firing pin, a welding die, removal of gunpowder and ammunition primer, so now called" Arts and crafts". Beijing, the reporter found that these firearms looked old, but the bolt can be opened, there is no Grenades can be unscrewed, gunpowder, submachine gun steel clip can be inserted into the bullet. Shop shelves)相关的主题文章: