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Tencent Partner Conference to share · e Governance Forum will be opened next week, September 22nd -24, Tencent Inc will be held in an open · share as the theme of the Tencent Global Partner Conference in 2016. September 23rd morning, in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, will be held to share · e governance forum. The forum is designed to give full play to the role of the Internet + in social governance, foster new energy Fujian comprehensive social governance, and promote the Fujian Internet + social governance innovation practice. Forum agenda, the Fujian provincial political and legal committee leaders will attend and deliver a speech. Speech at the experts link among different scholars with different theme discussion, sharing excellent cases of grid management, to explore the "Internet + social governance" strategic layout and solutions, prospects for the "Internet + social governance" the future trend. They are: the National Network Information Office Deputy Director, bureau of policies and regulations of doctor of law, Tsinghua University, researcher Li Changxi, director of the E-government laboratory Professor, director of the E-government experts Meng Qingguo of Fudan University, Party building and National Development Research Center, China political expert Zheng Changzhong, general office of Beijing Municipal Social Work Committee Director, special researcher at the National School of Administration social governance research the center, Dr. Yue Jinzhu, "social governance" magazine chief editor, social governance and public communication research center Beijing Normal University director Chang Bo fu.相关的主题文章: