3 new car power configuration exposure is large (video) 嘿嘿taxi

3 new models are dynamic exposure emission regulations China the large amount of follow the pace of Europe, more and more car enterprises launched a small displacement turbocharged engine, the 3 cars are the main force of the amount of walking, is expected to catch up with the purchase tax by half the last wave: 1 new Mercedes E180 L will be equipped with 1.6T the engine, further lower the threshold, but the 115kW power on a C car driving experience, able to meet consumer expectations, also need to test 2 days after the listing; Department of the pace has been slow than in Europe and the United States, following Honda, TOYOTA corolla 1.2T models listed at the end of September, the standard VSC vehicle stability system, power and return to the mainstream configuration; 3 (ginseng, Sagitar pictures, inquiry) 1.2T models will be officially listed at the end of September, the engine will be matched or a 7 speed DSG (dual clutch gearbox). Recently, there are users to provide us with a group of domestic new Mercedes Benz E180 L pictures. Compared with the current model, the new car will be equipped with 1.6T engine, the future will be a new entry-level version of the model, its price is also expected to further explore. [love] Car Buying geek 300 seconds 2016 Benz E level long version analysis from the outside, Benz E180 L and Mercedes Benz E300 cash L models have little difference, and the beacon network design. It is reported that, as the entry model, Benz E180L also offers rich options, including a panoramic sunroof, LED headlamps and other configuration. The interior, the new car uses black leather seats and wood decoration, the console also provides integrated LCD panel and instrument panel, but it is uncertain whether to reduce dimensions. Power part, domestic Benz E180 L will be equipped with 1.6T turbocharged engine, maximum power 115kW, maximum torque of 250Nm. The 9 speed automatic transmission. At the same time, the new car will be used in the rear drive layout. Previously we reported, FAW TOYOTA corolla 1.2T models will be available in September 28th. The day before, netizen exposure (ginseng, Carola pictures, inquiry) part of the configuration information of 1.2T models. Information display, Carola 1.2T models will maintain the current model design, adjustment and upgrade only on the powertrain and configuration, including standard VSC vehicle stability system and increase the pearl white paint etc.. In addition, cash corolla 1.6L entry-level GL models will be retained, and 1.8L manual GLX-i models will be canceled. Carola 1.2T suspected new configuration new configuration project Carola 1.2T vehicle stability system – traction control automatic start stop – an auxiliary system – new body color pearl white "Declaration" Carola 1.2T models according to the netizen exposure information systems, vehicle configuration level and Carola 1.2T models will maintain the current 1.6L models of product line named, but cash 1.6L GLX-i navigation edition models (1.6L top models) this configuration will be canceled. The new car in addition to replace the new 1.2T engine, also comes standard with automatic start stop, vehicle stability system, traction control system and.相关的主题文章: