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The new office of the consular section of the Embassy in Luxemburg Chinese enabled – Beijing Beijing in November 10, Luxemburg Chinese Embassy in Luxemburg, held before the new consular office opening ceremony. China ambassador to Luxemburg Huang Changqing, Fan Wentong Luxemburg Luxemburg, counsellor, official representative of freedom Luxemburg representatives, representatives of more than and 50 people attended the Chinese funded institutions. The consular section of the Embassy in Luxemburg China finally bid farewell to the site of use for many years, moved into a bright and spacious office hall, also provides a comfortable and convenient service for people and living places Luxemburg Luxemburg Chinese. Chinese Embassy in Luxemburg is located in the capital of Luxemburg, a street, is a history of 200 years of European style castle. The Embassy on 70s century relocated after the Consular Department of the first office in the main building of a dozen square meters of living room, no desk, the staff just leaned on the sofa, the visa for Luxemburg in a small table on the next day, the same as Luxemburg’s handling of relevant Chinese living materials, but also all replacement passport size in small things on the table. At the beginning of this century, the consular office moved to a small house outside the main building, where it was the original owner of the house stacked grocery store, the area is only 20 square meters. With the recent development of Luxembourg relations between the two countries, to China tourism business Luxemburg, more and more people, Chinese travel to Luxemburg to work more and more people, many famous enterprises, Chinese Chinese six major banks have set up a company in Luxemburg. Therefore, the working conditions of the Consular Department has not adapted to the level of development of bilateral relations, far from meeting the needs of the people of the two countries." Ambassador Huang Changqing said. June 2015, Huang Changqing took office as ambassador to China in, so that the construction of the new office of the Department of consular ideas have been implemented, but also the local government departments to actively support. "Visa can be said to be the first step towards China, we will try our best to provide good service in all aspects." The Consular Department Director Jiao Xiaoli said, the new visa office is the biggest highlight here can provide comprehensive services in the hall to receive the TV channel China geographical, political and cultural Chinese satellite TV programs, the shelves will also provide a variety of Chinese about history, culture, economic and social situation of the foreign language books the album, and CD, which provide a place for the vast number of friends Luxemburg China perception. Ambassador Huang Changqing said that good consular services to facilitate exchanges between the two peoples played an important role. With the exchanges and cooperation between China and the two countries are getting closer and closer, the people of the two countries on the embassy consular service requirements are also getting higher and higher. He said that the Chinese Embassy in Luxemburg will continue to serve the purpose of "diplomacy for the people" and provide more effective protection for the personnel exchanges between the two countries. (end)相关的主题文章: