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Jiangsu 42 District Secretary of Xuzhou this year Huanshuai the biggest changes in the]9 month 21 days, held in Yangzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department cadres of the general assembly, the Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi announced Jiang long Minister of Propaganda Department of Yangzhou municipal committee. September 21st, Yangzhou Municipal Propaganda Department held a general meeting of cadres, Yangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xie Zhengyi announced Jiang long Yangzhou Municipal Committee, publicity minister. Jiang long long-term leadership in Nantong Haimen, the working ability to be sure. In June 2015, Jiang Long was awarded the title of excellent county Party secretary. Jiang Long said in his 16 years, he worked in Haimen, today become a recruit in Yangzhou propaganda front, he would have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, in response to change roles, and actively adapt to the new normal propaganda work. So far, the 3 Jiangsu won the honor of the country’s outstanding county Party Secretary has been transferred to a new post. Three outstanding party secretary were moved to the new post, two was promoted at the end of June 2015, the Central Organization Department issued "on the recognition of outstanding secretary of county Party Committee decision", a total of 102 of the county Party Secretary to obtain recognition. Which Jiangsu has 3 people, respectively, as the Nantong municipal Party committee secretary Jiang Long, Taizhou Haimen, Gaogang party secretary Wang Jian, Suzhou party secretary of Changshu Hui Jianlin. Jiangsu three outstanding county Party Secretary, Hui Li is the first to get promoted cadres. At the beginning of this year, Hui Jianlin was promoted to Huaian mayor, who succeeded him as party secretary of Changshu’s former mayor Wang Yang. Born in 1968, Wang Yang Hui Lin is 4 years younger than Hui Jianlin, and with locals in Suzhou. Wang Yang has been working in Suzhou, the Communist Youth League cadres, former deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, Suzhou, Party members. After 2002, his frequent changes, director has served as deputy mayor, Canglang District of Suzhou city Suzhou municipal government deputy secretary general, director of the Suzhou Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce. In October 2011, he transferred to the Changshu Municipal Committee, nominated as candidate for mayor of Changshou City, and positive in half a year later. Wang Yang came to Changshu in the office at the same time, Hui Jianlin was promoted to Secretary from the mayor of Changshu, two people all work for 5 years. The 58 year old Wang Jian in July this year from Taizhou Gaogang District Secretary post, he has been elected deputy director of the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress on 2012, it has been among the deputy department for four years. Wang Jian was born in 1958, Jiangsu, Xinghua, who served as deputy director of Xinghua Grain Bureau, deputy director of the office of the Xinghua municipal government and other duties. In November 2007, Wang Jian served as party secretary of Gaogang. Relevant data show that in the past nine years, the Gaogang area of GDP from 2007 to $5 billion 400 million in 2015 to $36 billion 600 million. To succeed Wang Jian as party secretary of Gaogang was born in 1968, Gaogang deputy secretary, mayor Gu Ping. Gu Ping, 48, was born in Jiangsu, Qidong, graduated from the Department of mechanical engineering, Yancheng Institute Of Technology. Gu Ping worked in the Communist Youth League System for more than ten years, in 1998 as the Communist Youth League Jiangyan Municipal Committee (now Taizhou District, Jiangyan). Since then, Gu Ping served as deputy mayor of Taizhou, Gaogang District, Taixing city deputy mayor, chairman of the Taizhou Municipal Women’s Federation, Hailing District, the county has a rich working experience. Jiang was born in May 1964 in July this year was removed from the South相关的主题文章: