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Mobile phone real name system can cut the telecommunications network fraud attacks? — communication channel — original title: mobile phone real name system can cut off the hands of telecommunications network fraud? – weekend special planning has been implemented for several years "mobile phone real name system", at the end of this year to huashangjuhao. Before October 15th Beijing clear all the "non real name" call will be "one stop" (can not answer can be played at the end of November), the "non real" call will be "double stop" at the end of January 2017, "non real name" call will be "cancel". Other provinces and cities in accordance with their respective conditions are also promoting this work, but the most complete process procedures in Beijing. Although the "real name system" called "registration policy" the most severe, but this is only a day before the six departments jointly issued the "to prevent and combat fraud in the telecommunications network of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") of the "governance" means. The real name authentication is the first barrier but can not directly solve the problem that the "notice", until the end of October 2016 all the phone real name rate to reach 96%, before the end of the year reached 100%, within a specified time not to complete the true identity registration, will be shut down. At present, the three operators in China is continuing to remind the unregistered real identity information or incomplete user registration information to fill the registration to rush through the propaganda, etc., and provide online and offline ways to handle the registration formalities. According to China Mobile, the China Mobile phone users real name registration rate has reached more than 95%, is still on the go through the real name registration procedures of users, China Mobile company has various provinces and cities in batches have taken to suspend communications services and other measures to urge the users to complete the real name registration. For a long time is called the "real name system" means the telecommunications network fraud and disappear from the scene? "Things are not that simple. The real name system is the role of the anti anti villain gentleman does not only increase the cost of crime, fraud, and reduce the cost of the case, to provide convenience for tracing the source, and can not directly solve the problem." China Mobile Ning Yu said, "in particular, the implementation of real name system operators, ensure that is consistent with the matching of mobile phone users and identity cards, the identity is not himself, rely on operators not one hundred percent sure." Ning Yu said: "if you accidentally lost his identity card, even if the loss of RE, before the lost card is still valid. In the system of the public security department, two identity cards are valid, because the current ID in the data is relatively simple, not the loss, leaving no small space for criminals." Solve this problem can learn from the operator’s technical system." According to Ning Yu introduction, operators in the system of IMSI (global unified encoding format, with global uniqueness) after the mobile phone number associated with users, changing the card for mobile phone can do not change the number of the loss of the old card immediately; once the failure of these characteristics to ensure the safety and convenience of users. It is reported that the public security departments are studying to solve this problem. Who will be responsible for personal information security Xu Yuyu case, Tsinghua teachers cheated case, so that the disclosure of personal information of citizens and相关的主题文章: