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Web-Hosting In order to succeed in an online venture, the rightful selection of a domain name can never be over-emphasized. It is one of the weapons you will use to compete successfully on the world wide web. If you can master the following six tips very well, your online business would be profitable. 1. Consider your customer: When choosing a name, you must put your customers into consideration. Don’t choose a name that will be difficult for them to pronounce. If you fail to do this, your customers will not find it easy to tell others about your website. In fact, they would be discouraged to visit your site again and again. 2. Choose a short name: If you choose a name that is too long, you will be discouraging a lot of people from visiting your site. Also, those who would want to write it down might jettison the idea. However, if it is compulsory that you must use a long compound name, separate the names with hyphens. 3. Use a keyword-rich name: By using a keyword-rich name, you will be promoting your business to those that come in contact with the name. By just seeing a domain name without visiting it, internet users know the business associated with the name. For example, coming across a name like cars.com has clearly shown that the website is into car sales. However, if you are creating a name for a brand or company, make sure that you put the brand or company into consideration. 4. Protect your name: There are thousands of squatters on the internet looking for names with reasonable traffic to share in their traffic. They do this by registering domain name extensions of a particular name. For example, if your domain name is cars.com, they would register extensions like cars.net, cars.biz, cars.info, etc. So, before they register these extensions, beat them to the game by registering the extensions yourself. 5. Choose a search-engine-friendly name: Since most of your traffic will come from search engines, you must be conscious of them when picking a name. It must be keyword-rich so that it will be easier for them to spot it. The theme of your website should reflect in the name of your choice. 6. Be creative: Since most times, the domain name of your choice would have been used by somebody else, it is imperative to be well prepared for this. Consequently, you should create about ten variations of a name so that when one is used you will pick another. But be mindful of your keyword when creating variations so that you don’t lose your focus. Article Source: .EzineArticles../6516252 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: