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No pregnant women to the hospital regularly during the inspection, the results of her regret for a lifetime – Sohu mother Ms. Liu and her husband finally got his wish, Ms. Liu and her husband have a son, now want to be a daughter, then two couples have a plan, finally pregnant, nine months pregnant, Liu she went to the hospital to do B ultrasound examination, the immediate scene let Liu at a loss, in front of this scene shows Sharon uterus and two in addition to fetal shadow, after doctors diagnosed uterine fibroids is found. You do not have a regular production inspection, how to develop the disease so serious to the hospital? Doctor asked Ms. liu. Liu said the birth of their first child when the baby is healthy and is now on the primary school, now pregnant with a second child because there is no experience so regularly to check, doctors will scold Liu, now the situation is not good, need to Liu first hospitalization, when the time for Liu Nv’s surgery after doctors to Ms. Liu caesarean, fortunately the operation was a success, the baby could be born. Suggest that your mother before pregnancy and her husband to develop a good plan, some mothers feel that the seizure is very troublesome, but also do not have the package, but do not know the regular inspection of pregnant women and the fetus is very protective! A pregnant mother, some do not believe that early examination confirmed pregnant with early pregnant test paper on the line, to three months later to go to the hospital for detailed examination, in fact, this idea is wrong, early pregnancy screening of high-risk pregnancy, reduce maternal and fetal health of the key, therefore, pregnant mothers should raise awareness of the importance and the necessity of early pregnancy. Two, do not have to check the prenatal examination of the number and interval, there is time to go. During most of pregnancy pregnant mother have continued to work during pregnancy, while also taking into account the work, so the doctor did not follow the prescribed time to check, some pregnant mother because of the bad weather and other reasons to shirk the doctor arranged production plan, in order to determine whether it is appropriate to continue pregnancy, pregnancy safety assessment. Three, during pregnancy, pregnant women for prenatal care, can find defects existing in the body, if pregnant women suffering from a disease not suitable for pregnancy, such as tuberculosis, diabetes, etc., can be taken in time to choose to be pregnant again after treatment. Four, pregnant women during pregnancy need to go to the hospital for pregnancy examination regularly, to understand the development of the fetus and whether there is abnormal and other problems, if it is a slight abnormality can also be timely remedy. Five, pregnant women through a comprehensive and regular prenatal examination, can be a very detailed understanding of pregnant women in the pre pregnancy to do a good job to predict the difficulty to prevent pregnant women dystocia, maternal and child safety to provide effective protection. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: