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The number of grain collection of network data resources, big data to booster – tech Sohu scoop November 15th news: this time Chinese ahead. From the birth of the term Big Data, data resources are not circulating has been a big data industry issues. The western world earlier put forward the proposal, calling for a data resource circulation up, from Tim Berners-Lee’s "Raw Data Now" to the Obama administration’s "transparency and open government", are clear heavyweights. But so far, perhaps the driving force is not enough, perhaps too much obstruction, we can see the results are limited. The most symbolic is the United States, Britain and other old powers of government data open sites, such as data.gov, data.gov, but after all, the government’s limited resources, and it is impossible to fully open up. In some of the data already flows up the field, and gradually formed a certain scale of distribution, is typical of the financial industry quandl, collecting large amounts of data and the introduction of the financial data provider; similar companies and business location data of aggdata and factual, but these sites usually choose to dig an industry, influence limited. The most distant is the flow of several data platform. The best known of which is Amazon and Google, but the present situation is not much data resources; there are also several companies with data exchange banner, where Datamarket and Bluekai are Qlik and Oracle acquisitions, qDatum and Dawex trading platform is still far from mature. The vigorous development of the domestic big data industry in recent years, especially after rising to a national strategy, the emergence of every hue technology vendors and solutions provider in the field of circulation; data also has appeared in the hall, the Baidu ApiStore data and data aggregation and other representative brand, but overall is still not out of the flow of data difficult situation. In response to this situation, domestic experts have issued a proposal calling on the industry to sort out the resources in the field of big data directory". Causes of data flow is not strong, on the one hand is the big data industry overall level is limited, the society has not formed a deep understanding of the value of the data, we did not intend to sell their income by acquiring data; on the other hand is due to the lack of such as Alibaba distribution center, also cannot integrate decentralized trading the formation of scale. "The number of grain" founder Yang Tao believes that compared to the physical commodity trading data, the virtual goods circulation will have a higher degree of concentration, and with the development of artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing technology, language boundaries between ethnic groups will gradually blurred, coupled with the Internet, networking and other technical breakthrough of the geographical distance, the future of the world will only have a data distribution center only. Although there are many obstacles in the technical and legal aspects of the data circulation, but the focus is an inevitable trend. Number of grains want to seize the big data is about to flow相关的主题文章: