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Eleven golden week tourists is expected to increase by 15% to Leghorn West Lake odd even G20 summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou has been in the "herd" rhythm, West Lake side of the tourists is in a continuous line. After a bursting of the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday will be hot? This question yesterday has estimated the answer – Qianjiang Evening News reporter yesterday from "eleven" Golden Week tourism service guarantee work conference was informed that this year’s National Day holiday, Hangzhou tourism will usher in the first centralized outbreak after G20. According to the relevant departments forecast, Hangzhou city expects the number of visitors 15 million passengers, compared with the same period last year, an increase of about 15%; is expected to achieve tourism revenue of 11 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of about 20%. "The two main indicators are expected to hit a record high." "Hangzhou tourism" retrieval index within two weeks rose 810% from Baidu and other data show that the "National Day Tour of Hangzhou", "Hangzhou tourism G20" keyword search index over the previous two weeks rose 810%, Hangzhou and West Lake on the search volume compared with the same period last year, rose more than 115%. At present, the Old City Hotel standard room holiday is basically booked. From the analysis of the small holiday in Mid Autumn Festival, West Lake real performance venue, lakeside music fountain, city (Qianjiang New Town, Wulin Square) lighting show, G20 main hall, venues have become the preferred place for tourists. According to the anticipation, Qianjiang new light show viewing area, Wulin Square and music fountain, bridge, Sir Georg Solti West Lake Nankou scenic spots, will face a short period of time the passenger carrying a large amount of pressure. According to the "one district, a scene of a plan", in West Lake, Xixi, the canal, Leifeng Pagoda, Hefangjie Street, Songcheng, Qiandao Lake and other tourist attractions in Hangzhou relevant departments intensive, again to develop and further strengthen the tourism safety emergency plan. Railway passengers will refresh the record, the subway will extend the operation time, according to comprehensive analysis, during the National Day holiday, Hangzhou passenger traffic volume is expected to reach 39 million 420 thousand passengers, an increase of about 6.54%. Among them, the railway 215 million (Hangzhou 161 million), an increase of 12.2%, is expected to peak at 10 on June 1 to send visitors will reach 27 million (21 million East), there may be more than the highest since May this year record of Hangzhou station; subway 700 million, is expected to peak Japan will reach 125 million, may be a breakthrough this year 51 hit a record. Hangzhou Transport Department said that they will be in accordance with passenger flow changes in time to allocate the number of transport capacity and frequency density, to ensure the normal operation of subway, bus, taxi capacity and reasonable allocation. For example, Hangzhou Metro Line 1, 2, 4 will be in from October 1st to 3rd, the starting point of the end of the last bus departure time from 22:30 to 23 o’clock. At the same time according to the situation of further shortening traffic intervals; bus car is expected to reach 7250 vehicles daily maximum, reserve capacity of more than 250 vehicles; public bicycle service point 3585, invested 84 thousand and 100 public bicycles, and set up a temporary service point in Prince Bay Park, new temporary card selling point in the children’s Palace square.

十一黄金周来杭游客预计增15% 西湖继续单双号限行   G20杭州峰会后,杭州就一直在“人从众”的节奏中,西湖边的游客更是络绎不绝。一个爆棚的中秋过后,国庆长假会有多热?这个问题昨天有了预估答案——   钱江晚报记者昨天从“十一”黄金周旅游服务保障工作会议上获悉,今年国庆假期杭州旅游将迎来G20后的首个集中爆发期。根据相关部门预测,杭州全市预计接待旅游人数1500万人次,跟去年同期相比增长15%左右;可望实现旅游总收入118亿元,增长20%左右。“两项主要指标均有望创历史新高。”   “杭州旅游”检索指数   两周内上升810%   来自百度等数据源显示,“国庆杭州旅游”、“G20杭州旅游”关键词检索指数比前两周上升了810%,对杭州和西湖的检索量与去年同期相比,涨幅已经超过了115%。目前,老城区酒店普通标房国庆假期已基本订完。   从中秋小长假的情况分析,西湖实景演出场地、湖滨音乐喷泉、城区(钱江新城、武林广场)灯光秀、G20主会场场馆均成为了游客首选地。根据预判,钱江新城灯光秀观赏区、武林广场及音乐喷泉、断桥、苏堤南口等西湖景区景点,将面临短时间内客流承载量过大的压力。   根据“一区一景一预案”的要求,对西湖、西溪、运河、雷峰塔、河坊街、宋城、千岛湖等游客密集景区,杭州有关部门再一次针对性制订和进一步强化了旅游安全应急预案。   铁路旅客将刷新纪录   地铁将延长运营时间   根据综合分析测算,国庆假期期间,杭州旅客运输总量预计将达3942万人次,同比增长约6.54%。   其中,铁路215万人次(杭州东站161万人次),同比增长12.2%,预计最高峰日10月1日发送旅客将达27万人次(东站21万人次),有可能超过今年五一创下的杭州站建站以来的最高值;地铁700万人次,预计最高峰日将达125万人次,可能突破今年五一创下的历史纪录。   杭州交通部门表示,他们将根据客流变化及时调配运力数量和班次密度,保证地铁、公交、出租运力的正常运营和合理调配。比如杭州地铁1、2、4号线将在10月1日至3日,末班车起点站始发时间从22时30分延迟至23时整。同时根据情况进一步缩短行车间隔;公交日最高出车预计达7250辆,储备250辆以上的备用运力;投入公共自行车服务点3585处,投入公共自行车8.41万辆,同时在太子湾公园设置临时服务点,在少年宫广场新增临时售卡点等。相关的主题文章: