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UnCategorized Is there anything more precious to you than your child? I can’t imagine turning my children over to a stranger for all their driver’s training. Sure, I can see letting my children attend a class that starts them out, but when it .es down to the nitty-gritty of their on-road education, I want to be in charge. Getting It Right the First Time There are some lessons in life that you just don’t get a do over. Driving skills are some of those things. Driving is much more than just knowing when to press the gas pedal and when to press the brake, although those are clearly valuable skills. Driving is learning how to anticipate, participate, and cooperate on the road. When you send your child off to a driving school, you know that they will get the very basics of driving education… the "how to" part of the education. What that school is not likely to provide is the "how not to" part…knowing how to avoid certain situations, what kind of philosophy you should have about driving, and the morals that should guide them through life as a responsible driver. Anticipation, Participation, and Cooperation Sure, most driving schools encourage a child to scan the road ahead, but they fail to give them enough practice to do so safely. Anticipation is one of the most important driving skills we have. With experience anticipation be.es second nature, but for the new driver it is a very difficult maneuver. Your child’s teacher may teach them how to merge and how to exit a lane, but that doesn’t sum up the participation aspect of driving. Knowing how to keep up with traffic, determining when keeping up is acceptable even above the speed limit, understanding how to move over to let other drivers in, is all left out. These skills are just as critical if you want to avoid irritating other drivers. We encourage our children to cooperate with others when they are out on the playground at a very young age. Still, it seems that once they are behind the wheel those lessons fly out the window. Have you ever seen someone try to merge into a lane when they accidentally missed that their lane is ending? People seem to gang up to keep the "sinner" stuck. Being a cooperative driver means letting them in. Switch lanes early when you see road construction up ahead. Stop to help someone change a tire if possible. Isn’t this the kind of driver you want your child to be? Take the Driving Lessons Home There are great home-based driver’s education programs that you can get to supplement or .pletely provide your child’s drivers training experience. Get such a program, work with your child, and make sure they absorb not only the curriculum, but also your moral values when it .es to driving. After all, some day you might just encounter your child on the road yourself. Won’t you feel better knowing they are a good driver then? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: