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Chronic-Illness Sciatica hurts. Sometimes its a constant dull ache from your lower back, radiating down one leg and at other times its an excruciating shot of pain which stops you dead in your tracks. Whatever the cause, you have sciatica; a result of inflammation or .pression of the sciatic nerve or its roots in your lower spine. This is not a disorder, its a symptom of a disorder and the treatment for sciatica depends on its cause. The cause may be a herniated disc in your lower back which is .pressing the sciatic nerve. This can occur spontaneously or may develop over a period of time. Another cause may be spinal stenosis where the spaces between your lumbar vertebrae have narrowed, pinching or .pressing the sciatic nerve. And another could be a tightening of the piriformis muscles in your buttocks, again causing .pression. The treatment for sciatica consists of relieving the pain and its cause; therefore, your first step is to get a correct diagnosis. Your sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body and is as thick as your finger. It has its roots at the base of your spine, from which it branches into two, each of which travels through the piriformis, past your thigh muscles and down into your feet. .pression of any part of this huge nerve will result in different pain symptoms, so a correct diagnosis is critical before treatment for sciatica begins. Your first treatment for sciatica is to relieve the pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) or, in truly severe cases, opiate-based medications which can be.e habit-forming. Your health-care professional will re.mend special exercises to stretch and strengthen your leg, abs and back muscles, making them more flexible. Youll need to do these exercises daily and you might consider doing some extra walking; a short walk each day, extending it to about three miles can work miracles and is an excellent treatment for sciatica without pain medication. Consider your body and how it works. Those muscles support your entire frame and need to be flexible. Check your posture whether sitting, standing or walking as poor posture puts extra stress on your spine, muscles and ligaments. Lets start at the top your head is pretty heavy and its supported by your neck. When standing or walking, your head should not be ahead of you and your ears need to be in line with your shoulders. Choose an armchair with good support so that you dont lean forward or too far back. If your job requires that you sit a lot, make sure your chair is properly ergonomic and get up once an hour and walk around. Developing good posture is essential as a treatment for sciatica and youll look better too. Sleeping. Try not to sleep on your stomach; this places enormous stress on your lower back and is almost the worst thing you can do. If its unavoidable, put a pillow under your hips if on your side; put it between your knees. And the pillow under your head should support your neck as well. All of the above are essential elements in your treatment for sciatica pain. If you follow these suggestions, youll find you can relieve your pain symptoms without drugs and alleviate or even get rid of your sciatica permanently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: