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Health iPhone is not just a tech gadget for making calls and playing games. Its much more than that. It makes its way in the field of improving peoples night sleep. And it is doing well. In the Apple Store you can find a variety of iPhone apps especially created for that purpose. They all have one goal: to help you optimize your night rest and minimize insomnia. Check the following list of iPhone apps. Sleep Cycle Have you ever experienced being waked up by the morning alarm and feeling disoriented for a few minutes? Its because at that time you were in the deep sleep phases. So, how do you know what is the right time to wake up? Sleep Cycle has the answer of this question. It uses iPhones accelerometer to track your movement while youre sleeping. During the night it registers your light sleep phases. It wakes you up when you are at that phase. For an example, you set the alarm at 7 a.m. The software picks the lightest sleep period around that time (lets say it wakes you up 20 minutes earlier). If you plan to use this app, you have to sleep with your I Phone right next to you. It has to be faced down. Also, get it in a position where it can follow your nights movements. If you are afraid of dialing somebody in the middle of the night, just activate the Airplane mode (you dont have to lock it, because the app will turn it off). Relaxing Ambience If you cannot stand the noise of the loud neighbors or city traffic, try to calm down with Relaxing Ambience app. It has 96 relaxing sounds of nature. Presented sounds are almost identical to the ones in real nature. The sound of crickets, waterfalls or breaking waves will send a powerful message to your brain saying it is time to calm down and relax. This app gives you a choice to make your own mix of different relaxing sounds. Proactive Sleep How does this application help you sleep better? It monitors your sleeping hours on a daily basic and gives you information about your sleep (whether or not you are getting the right amount of sleep). All you have to do is to set the alarm before going to bed. The app will count the hours of sleep. At the time you turn off the alarm in the morning, your sleep is logged. The sleeping hours are tracked in the sleep diary. Depending on your sleep hours, the app offers you green, yellow or red feedback. The green one shows that you got the sleep your body needs. The yellow one appears when you are under your goal, for a less than an hour. The red one appears if you are not getting enough sleep. Try to use this app for a week, and get the real picture about your sleeping hours. Dont wait another day to start using these healthy sleep-promoting apps. Try them right away. Make an effort to experiment and see which app is the cure for your sleeping difficulties. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: