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UnCategorized One frequent question anyone new to affiliate marketing asks is what tools are needed. There will be different answers for different needs of any particular niche you are marketing in. This article however, will cover why every affiliate marketer will need to own a domain name, a website with a host, and basic HTML to establish the solid foundation for you to build your online business on. Your own domain name When you are promoting an affiliate product, you will be given a link as a means for your merchant to record your .missions. Affiliate links however can be really long and hard for people to remember, as most make use of symbols such as @ or %. Most article directories and forums do not allow affiliate links to be posted on their sites. This will be a problem if you are promoting through article submissions or posting in forums, both of which are free and very effective advertising mediums. To avoid these problems, you need a domain name, and set it to auto-forward your visitors to your merchant’s site with your affiliate links intact. You can buy domain names at very low prices. Godaddy.. offers one for $8.95 for a year. It’s a small investment which can reward you well later. Your own website and hosting You maybe thinking that you can just get your visitors directly over to your merchant’s website and let their sales copy do their thing. But what if their sales copy is not effective at all? Your visitor will just leave and you will lose any chance of making a .mission. Having your own website will allow you to have more control. With your own website, you can post content to help re.mend visitors to your merchant’s site or collect their contact information for follow-ups. The latter is rather important as most sales are made only after multiple visits. Having their contacts will allow you to send them information they need, and so encourage them to take a second look. To build your own website, a host is needed to upload your website data and publish it on the inter.. Numerous solutions and various prices are available. You will have to do some research to determine which one the one suitable for your needs and budget. An important tip you may want to take note is to look for packages which accept multiple domains in a single account. This way, when you want to open another website with another domain name, you do not have to purchase another account to host it, and waste the unused space in your first account. Basic HTML skills To have your own website, or to succeed in affiliate marketing for the matter, you will definitely need to learn some HTML skills. When building a website, you do not need to have a fancy design, but you will need HTML skills to put up your text, pictures and such. Even if you do not wish to maintain a website of your own, you will still need to know the HTML skills to correctly post your own affiliate links when promoting on forums or any other advertising medium. As you may heard from numerous sales pitches, you do not need to have any knowledge in HTML to start, but you will need to learn HTML to do well in Inter. Marketing. That’s the truth which unfortunately is not really emphasized well enough… Conclusion From this article I hope to have briefed you on what every successful affiliate marketer needs to have. You may have preconceived notions that you do not have to bother with building a website and still be able to earn money online. That may be true, but you will not be giving your online business the chance and space to take off if you do not give it at least an identity on the Inter.. What I have presented here is just the tip of the iceberg. It will be wise to research more to know what other options you have to achieve success in your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: