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Photography Lets face it, weddings are expensive. Even if you have a decent bank roll, you will soon realize that your money doesnt go nearly as far as you wished it would. Thankfully, there are several people that devote their time to finding tricks and tips to decreasing your out of pocket expense for your wedding. Of course, this would not be nearly as impressive as it is, if the wedding looks like things were skimped on. Have you always dreamed of having an elaborate wedding with all of the bells, whistles and white doves? Of course you have. But, more than likely now that you are planning and paying for your wedding you are realizing that everything is quite expensive. Well, were here to help you save a little money without looking like you took the cheap way out. Instead of calling it cheap wedding photography, I like to refer to it as savvy wedding photography. No where in the world will you find it etched in stone that we need to pay full price or an over inflated price just because we are publicly declaring our love for that special someone. Planning a wedding takes time, patience and creativity. Especially if you plan on spending less than what the venders want to charge you. 1. For cheap wedding photography, talk to the photographer candidly. Explain your situation and issue with the funds. Try to work out a deal that is acceptable to you as well as the photographer. 2. When trying to strike up the deal, suggest a discount for paying upfront and in full in advance of the wedding. 3. If there are parts of the package that do not tickle you fancy and you dont really want. Suggest they knock those things off and reduce the price even further. 4. Offer to allow the photographer to use you as a reference with future clients as well as allow them to utilize any of your unwanted photos as an addition to their portfolio. 5. When all else fails, tell them that you have a better offer with another photography .pany that you are also considering. However, you prefer to use their studio instead of the backup, but financially you do not think that is going to be an option. Cheap wedding photography might force you into learning how to haggle effectively, but when you consider the amount of money you can save it is well worth your time and effort. That saved money can go into a special rainy day account for the two of you when you .e home from your honeymoon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: