5 Reasons Why Rayzz Is Better Than Youtube-matlab 等高线�

Software YouTube is known as the best video sharing site among the Internet worms. To err is human; with no exceptions the YouTube also has some limitations. Knowledge rests on error too, so we have learnt from the errors found in the YouTube. Our developers tried their best to over.e these limitations, and came out with a brand new video sharing script Rayzz which is not only the YouTube clone but also has handpicked features that you can’t find in the YouTube. To be fair, we’re listing the 5 reasons that make Rayzz stay ahead of the YouTube. Video format support: YouTube lets the site users to upload some specific formats like Windows AVI, MOV, or MPEG format. But our Rayzz supports almost all the video formats set by the webmaster in the control panel, while maintaining the video quality. High – quality content: Tons of high quality contents = tons of users = tons of money. YouTube allows the users to put crappy contents on their website. It’s not technically spam but seems useless. This sort of content may get you traffic, but it won’t pay you. Our Rayzz assists you to get both. Webmaster can control the publishing of the articles; hence you can publish only the articles with rich content, thereby bringing effective traffic on to your site. Apart from this, your site can also reach a good page rank in search engines. Uploading speed: Youtube imposes a 10 minute or 100 MB tedious restriction on file size to upload Videos; hence the uploading speed is slow. On the other hand, Rayzz offers distributed encoding module which distributes the video encoding process to a processing server, and saves the memory and CPU time of the web server. Hence the members can upload the videos quickly. Video quality: A picture is worth thousand words The videos uploaded on the YouTube are automatically .pressed and resized to 320×240 format. So YouTube has low quality videos. But our Rayzz does not perform such editing process; hence the uploaded videos will be played with an excellent quality than what you’ll find on YouTube. Revenue option: YouTube doesn’t have options like revenue sharing on its site. But our Rayzz provides that special feature. It is a great way to earn extra in.e by taking part in the .munity. If you are looking for developing a well-professional .munity site and make money quickly, Rayzz is the perfect choice for you. Rayzz offers an awesome service, and it surpasses YouTube in that right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: