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Investing These traders are increasingly feeling .fortable in the trade. The volume of online share trading done in the last one year or so indicates that the trade in futures and options has just doubled in this period. This has happened mainly because of improvement in the market sentiment and the increasing popularity of the mobile-based trading tools and applications. At present, smart phones have be.e a close and permanent .panion for most of us. Now the updates of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange may always flash on the mobile screens. Just download the latest applications and the share market live updates will help you to decide your trading plans. Since one gets updated all the time, investing has be.e easier through internet. The average daily turnover of futures and options segment through on-line trading has risen to a whopping Rs 46, 500 crore in July this year. This figure was just Rs 23, 663 crore in the last December. This figure is almost 24 per cent of NSE’s total equity derivatives daily turnover. However, the December figure was just 20 per cent of daily turnover. The traditional system of calling up the broker and executing the trade is almost pass now. The online share trading is not only cheaper, it is easier as well. The new age quicker internet services are helping in this shift. The high net worth investors (HNIs) and many working class executives are willingly opting for mobile based or online share trading. This is happening only because there are a number of advantages of trading on the internet. In a positive market, seasonal traders and net-savvy investors often try to encash and make some quick intra-day gains. They often remain glued to their terminals and churn out more because of volatility. With share market live updates at finger tips, making profit out of day trading is not a big deal, today. A low brokerage fee in online trading is also attracting more and more retail traders and investors to join this group. To join this growing market, Kotak Securities has recently introduced many trading applications across mobile operating platforms such as Android,BlackBerryand Windows. About the Author: a December STAT issue will have Novembers numbers. This month our .mentary will focus 相关的主题文章: