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Business Chapter folk toys origin, classification and research significance The origin of a folk toys Second, the classification of folk toys Three of the significance of folk toys Chapter mud toys A history of clay and toys Two toys around the mud Chapter Kite Distinguish the origin of a kite Aspects of ancient kite 2 Three types of kites Analysis of four artistic characteristics kite Seasonal Toys Chapter 1 Firecracker 2 Fireworks 3 Tu’erdi Secretary Four Lantern Five mirrors and cloth tiger Chapter Educational Toys Chapter Sound Toy A long history of sound toy Two rattle 3 diabolo 4 Glass Speaker and are deposited in dengkou 5 shake and rattle, called Chapter VII of the other folk toys A stramonium Two shuttlecocks Three windmill Four bristles were Five tumbler Chapter folk toys origin, classification and significance of research Origin of a folk toys The origin of Chinese folk toys long time, can be traced back to primitive society, and even earlier period. Primitive cultural relics in China has toys function in kind, should be seen as the seeds of Chinese folk toys. As for the concept of civil toys there is a modern appellation of things. As the field of folk art, folk toys in strengthening and improving the status, it has be.e relatively independent of the research topic. Prehistoric archaeological relics found, confirmed the Chinese folk toys have a long history. In 6000 and 10000 of the New Stone Age there was already a primitive toy. But the toy is under what circumstances arise? The problem is people want to find out. The origin of toys is not isolated or separate existence of the phenomenon, toys, birth and the development and progress of human society has maintained close ties. Here are several of the more important test of the situation, hoping to study the origin of toys help. (1) from Game Toys According to anthropology, sociology, research results, can know the birth of toys and games of mankind there is a close correlation. Hence the origin of the game together with the origin of toys inspected, is undoubtedly correct interpretation of the toy causes an important way. Chinese and foreign researchers to explore the process of artistic origin, the origin of the game have to make too judgmental conclusions. German poet Schiller said: man in real life will inevitably be both spiritual and physical shackles of bondage in these two often losing their freedom, people try to use the remaining energy to create a free world, this is the game. This creative activity, resulting in human instinct. British philosopher Herbert? Spencer on Schiller’s point of view was further added that he thought: the .pletion of human life to maintain and continue the main mission, the energy still remaining there, the residual energy The vent is the game, this game is not utilitarian purpose. German biologist Valley Lu Jicheng these theories, pointing out: The game is not without purpose activities, not related with the practical life activities, but for the future to prepare for real life: for example, grasping ball of paper in the cat Practice mouse; little girl to the wooden doll fed, is in practice in the future mothers; boys do battle with the game, it is the ability to fight in practice. View of the three have occurred in the history of a significant impact, showing the aesthetics of the significant results. But they are the biological and psychological point of view of the findings, ignored the people’s awareness of the role of social practice, and understanding of the practice of reaction, thus ultimately can not explain the root causes toys. Only the use of anthropology, sociology and philosophy of a number of research results, the original game on a full-depth study in order to find the origin of the game a more reasonable explanation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: