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Vacation-Rentals Gurgaon has emerged as a bustling suburb with new business and .panies entering it on a daily basis. It is truly emerging as a cultural and .mercial hub. This is the reason that many people .e to visit Gurgaon on business or for pleasure. Most of the people visiting Gurgaon usually stay in hotels, but they can be quite expansive. Another alternative can be a guest house. However choosing a right guest house is important, here is a guide on how to choose guest house in Gurgaon. There are some factors which can help to decide the right type of guest house to stay in Gurgaon. Here is a look at those factors. Location The Location of a guest house is important, after all Gurgaon is not a very small city. For a person visiting the city on business, the best choice should be a guest house located in the vicinity of his or her office. There are a number of guest houses located near the citys .mercial center. These guest houses are at a walking distance from most of the offices, which make them suitable for people visiting Gurgaon on business. Hence, a guest house in the center of the city should be the best and the one far away from the .mercial centers should be avoided. Ac.modation Different guest houses offer different types of ac.modations. Some of them offer only service apartments with all the amenities of an upper middle class home. Some guest houses offer plain and simple air conditioned guest rooms and some of them offer Bed and Breakfast ac.modation which includes a bed for sleeping and a hearty breakfast everyday. The best choice should be a guest house that offers all kind of ac.modations so that one can choose from all three options. Amenities Most of the guest houses offer all kinds of basic amenities like a clean and .fortable bed, a bathroom with hot and cold water etc. The key to choose a guest house is to see what kind of amenities it actually offers. The guest house should offer some other amenities besides the basic ones. Cost Every guest house .es at a different cost. It is wise to choose a guest house that falls within ones own budget. However it is advisable to go for a better guest house if stretching the budget a little allows one to do so. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: