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News-and-Society Some movie watchers are quite slow when it .es to the uptake that is implied by Bring It On; so is the case with Sydney White too thanks to the fact that not all people are accustomed to read between the lines even if they are dealing with a cheap teen movie. Some of them cannot even realize the direct reference that is made in the title of this movie. Sydney can actually be very misleading thanks to her appearance and her dwarfs who, in this particular case look quite similar to the modern nerds. These nerds are a type of social rejects who are quite a .mon background in the modern America; they are nerds rather than little sweet dwarfs who are usually perceived as being a peaceful band of mignon people who are fond of whistling while they work. Unfortunately, realizing all is not likely to cover the entire experience; watching this movie cannot transform into something you might hope when watching a modern retelling of a well known and classic fairytale. The storyline basics are quite predictable; the sequences are likely to satisfy all your demands when it .es to their predictability. Sydney is a new student at the famous Southern Atlantic University and she finds herself a little bit un-prissy; she is also far too appealing when it .es to her personal charisma. Therefore, she is too sexy to be admitted into her devious mother’s old sorority. So, she ends up in a predictable manner by living with the expected seven reject guys; they share the same run-down campus home. This house is to be razed by the evil student who is the president of the student .mittee. In order to be able to save this house and even get it repaired, Sydney tries to recruit her dwarfs, meaning the nerds in order to run for the existing student council. Wisely enough, she places herself in the role of the backroom girl. And the movie watcher can actually predict all the things that are likely to happen in this movie starting with the scene one. The main character will rise to an expected prominence while the inevitable demise that .es from the superficial and spiteful Rachel is also to be predicted. The bad is always to be punished and the good will start its own journey to stardom. Do you think that these characters will ever get bored with playing and performing the same old characters again? For instance, the main character is the perfect queen prom type of girl who does not seem to be bored pf performing the same movies over and over. Sydney White is to be regarded as a lightweight possibility when it .es to all the movies that have actually been made by choosing this subject. Snobs versus nerds are not a new subject anymore and this constant battle has been put on wide screens before. The inevitable ending is also predictable because such fluff and even forgettable stuff is likely to have a similar screenplay. The screenwriters are likely to turn to this type of subjects over and over although some of them are likely to some witty moments in their careers. For instance, this movie also has some smart observations that are likely to be packed along with the predictable and not so witty stuff. Therefore, some of the major critical reviews have underlined the fact that this film is not an in.pletely made one; instead, it is to be considered as being uninspired and its watchers are likely to forget everything about it in a matter of seconds even if Sydney tries hard in order to link all the issues together. Therefore, the movie’s main problem is its lack of consistency and intelligent substance. Its plot is quite thin thus transforming the entire movie into something that is quite uninteresting to watch unless you find yourself among the people who are keen on watching pre-teens scary movies. The clichs are hard to be avoided thus leading to a particular boredom that .es with the characters’ main lines that do not manage to keep the story interesting enough for you to watch even if you are only 12 years old. All the characters are to be seen as cookie-cutter ones and their lives are pretty painful when it .es to the person who is actually watching them. Therefore, you should not expect too much when you decide to see Bring It On or Sydney White because you are likely to loose any track of interest when you will find yourself sitting in the theatre. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: