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7 degrees c! Wuhan welcome to the second half of the cold in the early morning of the next 3 days the high temperature of 23 newspaper news (reporter Fu Ying) yesterday, although Wuhan ushered in returning to the sun, but the lowest temperature in the early morning, but once again set a limit: only 7 degrees. Outside of Wuhan, the province of Xiaogan, Hanchuan and other places, also a new record cold yesterday since the second half of this year. After After rain the sky looks blue. colder sooner or later, why? Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau experts explained that after After rain the sky looks blue. clouds in the sky, thinner and less. On the one hand, the ground receiving radiation increased, rising temperatures, the highest temperature increase; but on the other hand, at night, lost cloud cover insulation, radiation cooling significantly, ground heat loss is also faster, more cold night, the lowest temperatures tend to decrease. The three day, Wuhan mostly, the days come back an invigorating autumn climate. With the company of the sun, the temperature will be 1 per day to -2 DEG C speed steady climb, the day after tomorrow afternoon will return to the highest temperature above 20 degrees, but the temperature of not less than 10 degrees, the minimum temperature next time sooner or later is still hovering at 8 DEG -9 DEG, and people have to wear more appropriate. In addition, morning exercise habits, can be appropriately delayed out to exercise, so as not to catch a cold. Old people may wish to exercise combined with sunshine, the sun rose significantly after feel warmth, then go out exercise. Wuhan is expected to sunny cloudy day today, temperature of 8 DEG -18 DEG 45%-95%, humidity, northerly winds 2 to 3. Tonight to tomorrow sunny day to cloudy, temperature 9 degrees -20 degrees C, easterly winds from 2 to 3. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 11 DEG -23 DEG, easterly 2 to 3.相关的主题文章: