80 students built a bridge on the 6 day of the end of the village of poverty in the history of the b-haywire

80 students to build a bridge on the 6 day of the end of the bridge in the history of poverty in poor villages (Figure) – volunteers in the river station in the river, the hand of the bridge fixed on the hand of the 2. Photo: Sun Yanan penned China Youth Daily reporter Li? Youth online video? Director: Sun Yanan H5: Youth financial media studio editing: Jiang Wei? The cicadas, small red eyes closed, the cat waist, a hand grabbed the railing, a hand clutching his right fist, just next to the steel deck. The moment back. She tried to step on the bridge and walk slowly. "The bridge is not soft, it is hard." Go to the fifth step, she opened her eyes and hesitated to stamp the deck, wearing a pink flower ponytail thrown up. Her eyes were wide, and the speed was faster and faster. In August a sun baked in the afternoon, the 8 year old girl, along the bridge from more than and 10 times. Live in the mountains of small Tong Yi Hui and Miao Autonomous County of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, Weining Zhen Xie Jia Cun, this is the first time in her life from the bridge through the. 15 meters wide cross in Shuanghe, the only way which must be passed her school. Xie village in front of this in the summer to be able to drown the mother head of the river, since ancient times there is no bridge. Until 3 days ago, a group of students from the "bridge" construction team arrived in Xie village, the village of nearly 4000 people, the history of the end of the bridge has not come to the end of the year 80. 80 students from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology, Chinese University Hong Kong, and several middle schools in Hongkong, most of the civil engineering, architecture and other professional background. Under the support of a foundation, they plan to use 6 days to build a bridge for Xie village, bridge foundation was completed in July. After examination and approval by the Ministry of construction, the foundation has supported 3000 mainland and Hongkong students to complete the 41 bridge project. In August 15th, the "endless bridge" construction team arrived at the bridge site selected this mushroom. Li Yuhang, a senior at Xi’an Jiao Tong University, is in front of the team. The students of this major construction, grabbed a T-shaped hook, deftly a 40 cm long wire folded, the two pieces of one square metre of barbed wire together, eventually forming a cube cage. 5 filled with stone cage into a pier, frame girder and bridge deck can form a cage bridge. This is the "bridge" team most commonly used bridge design, construction threshold is low, everyone can operate, even if the flood hit the bridge downstream, the villagers can also be picked up reloading". Other people yihuhuhuapiao. Hongkong middle school students Zhang Zhuofeng cage after weaving, wearing boots standing in the river, the hands of stone almost 1/4 of his weight. This more than and 20 pound stone, in the composition of the bridge between the 14 people. Fill 15 cage pier consisting of about 40 tons of stone. 6 hours later, the stone in their hands from the chest down to the knee, in addition to the "heavy", "overweight" tip, almost no one to speak. The occasional showers, no rain. Close to the evening, this mushroom 3 more water on the pier. 27 team moved a total of 15 cubic meters, about 40 tons of stone. After work, some men.相关的主题文章: