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Reference-and-Education Being a fashion designer is one of the most sought after options for those who have a creative bent of mind. All those who think they can draw, create and stitch what they imagine, have a great future in this field. Though fashion designing is mainly associated with clothes, accessory designing and jewelry designing are very much a part and parcel of this broader arena. But there are mainly different courses for both accessory designing as well jewelry designing. These days, footwear designing has also become a rage. A lot of youngsters are getting into footwear designing. Fashion designing a choice of men as well now . Earlier, it was mainly a preferred career choice for females, but these days a lot of men area becoming a part of the fashion industry. In fact, a lot of men specialize in womens wear and at the same time, a lot of women specialize in mens wear. It has indeed opened a new career path for men. Fashion designers are responsible for bringing new trends into the market. They introduce new styles, clothing range and various other forms of designs and embroideries. They not only make us look good but also help us to remain in-sync with the latest trends. Fashion industry world-over has become large and in India as well, this sector has a lot to offer. Of late, in India a lot of fashion studios have come, there are now various fashion weeks being organized, and also a lot of small-time fashion designers have come up with their boutiques. This has definitely stimulated the demand for a lot of young aspirants. For those who earlier thought that opening up a boutique was the only option that fashion designers had is not true anymore. One can now opt to work under various reputed designers who employ them, train them and help them in opening up their creative self. A creative mind along with the right training can help you become the perfect fashion designer. A lot of fashion institutes have come up in India that has opened newer avenues for those looking for a career in this industry. These institutes definitely help in giving the right direction to your dreams. There are some aspirants who get into this career without much of a creative mind set but like to manage a fashion store. This is where a fashion institute plays a vital role. It helps in enthusing managerial skills and teaching various basic things like stitching and intricacies of designing. In fact, such institutes give a vent to your talent and help in creating a better reputation in the market. Courses in Fashion Designing As it has been mentioned earlier that it is not enough if you can sketch a design on a drawing board, students interested in fashion designing, need to join professional courses to gain expertise in various areas of this industry such as garment manufacturing technology, textile science, apparel construction methods, fabric dyeing and printing, color mixing and computer-aided design. First of all, identify your area of interest and match it with your aptitude that will help you in choosing from the courses offered in various areas of Fashion Designing. These professional courses are available in fields such as Accessory & Jewelry Design, modeling, garment designing, leather design, interior design, Textile Technology, Textile Design, Footwear design and allied subjects. What is the career scope of a fashion designer? A well-trained fashion designer can easily find a job in areas like designer wear production, planning and concept management, fashion marketing, design production management, fashion media, quality control, fashion accessory design and promotion of brands. One can also work as costume designer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, technical designer, graphic designer, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, show room sales representative, illustrator, cutting assistant and outside sales representative in this sector. And of course, those who want to be independent creators or designers can also become entrepreneurs and form their own companies. Companies to choose for a career in Fashion Designing Though you can prefer to remain self employed, several export houses, garment store chains, textile mills, leather companies, boutiques, fashion show organizers, jewelry houses and media houses recruit candidates interested in a fashion designing career. Some useful links: .www.shiksha.com/ .professionals.shiksha../getCategoryPage/colleges/professionals/All/All/Fashion-Design About the Author: 相关的主题文章: