A mentally retarded man was summoned to death at the police station in Sichuan, two police officers www.avtt.net

Sichuan, a disabled man was summoned dead in the police station two police involved suspended previously: Bazhong man suspected of molesting little girl was summoned to death in the police station accident in Bazhong city and Tongjiang County prosecutors have been involved in the investigation, two police involved was suspended on October 7th afternoon, Tongjiang County foreign propaganda office issued an official notification said: 20:29 on October 6th, Tongjiang County town recruit residents Li Moumou call from police station telephone report said, and their neighbor’s two little girls that night in the home play, was living in the home of the five dragon Moumou (male, 52 years old) indecent. From the police station and police quickly arrived at the scene, the Dragon Moumou summoned to the police station. In the inquiry process, the Dragon at 2:30 on the morning of 7, suddenly fainted, unconscious. Police immediately call from town hospital phone, request ambulance, the doctor came to the rescue speed. After the doctor arrived at the police station, the rescue was invalid for about 30 minutes, declaring the death of the dragon. After the incident, from the police station immediately to the County Bureau 110 command center, duty Bureau report. Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau quickly to the Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, the county government and the county committee of political and Law Committee, Tongjiang County People’s Procuratorate conducted a report. Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, Tongjiang county Party committee and county government leaders immediately made instructions, requiring rapid detection of the situation, properly deal with the aftermath. Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau officials have rushed to recruit police station, with the staff, the county procuratorate crime scene, the police, and the police investigation that night and asked the guard suspect case. At present, the suspect Moumou death scene investigation has ended, the case of indecent assault and deaths are under investigation. The cause of the death of the suspect must be waiting for the relatives of the deceased to undergo autopsy so that they can be determined and disclosed. Involving police in the police, asked in the process of violations of law and discipline problems, will be severely dealt with according to discipline in accordance with regulations. It is understood that the Dragon Moumou have mental retardation, physical disability also no wife and children, 4 years ago, was sent to the family from town homes, usually he is in the street to pick up waste money. The police involved a total of 4 people, including two police and two police official. After the incident, according to the relevant provisions and the requirements of the families of the deceased, the public security departments actively avoid, Bazhong and Tongjiang county two procuratorial organs for the first time involved in the investigation, two police involved in the matter has been suspended. The dead body has been sent to the funeral home, the prosecution will appoint forensic autopsy.

四川一智障男子被传唤死在派出所 两涉事民警停职   前情提要:巴中男子涉嫌猥亵小女孩被传唤 在派出所意外死亡   巴中市和通江县检方已介入调查,两涉事民警被停职   10月7日下午,通江县委外宣办发布官方通报称:10月6日20时29分,通江县广纳镇居民李某某拨打广纳派出所电话报案称,自家和邻居家两名小女孩当晚在敬老院玩耍时,被居住生活在敬老院的五保户龙某某(男,52岁)猥亵。广纳派出所民警迅速到达案发现场,将龙某某传唤到派出所。在对其询问过程中,龙某某于7日凌晨2时30分突然昏厥,不省人事。民警立即拨打广纳镇卫生院电话,请求速派救护车、医生前来抢救。卫生院医生赶到派出所后,经现场抢救30分钟左右无效,宣告龙某某死亡。   此事发生后,广纳派出所立即向县局110指挥中心、值班局领导进行了报告。通江县公安局迅速向巴中市公安局、县委政府及县委政法委领导、通江县人民检察院进行了报告。巴中市公安局、通江县委县政府领导立即作出指示,要求迅速查清情况,妥善处理善后事宜。通江县公安局相关领导均立即赶赴广纳派出所,配合县检察院工作人员,勘查现场,调查当晚民警出警、处警及询问、看守嫌疑人情况。   目前,嫌疑人龙某某死亡现场勘查工作已经结束,对猥亵案件和死亡事件的经过情况正在调查之中。嫌疑人龙某某死亡具体原因需等待死者亲属同意后进行尸体解剖,方能确定并公开。如涉及民警在处警、询问过程中有违纪违规违法问题,将依纪依规依法严肃处理。   据了解,龙某某有智力障碍,身体也有残疾,无妻室子女,4年前被家人送到广纳镇敬老院,平时他也在街道上捡废品换钱。涉事警员共4人,包括两名正式民警和两名协警。事发后,根据相关规定和死者家属的要求,公安部门主动回避,巴中市和通江县两级检察机关第一时间介入调查,两名涉事民警已被暂停执行职务。死者遗体已送往殡仪馆,检察机关将指派法医进行尸检。相关的主题文章: