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Gather the people’s health social consensus — Theory – people.com.cn original title: gather people’s healthy social consensus on the general secretary Xi Jinping in the national health and health conference expounded the significance of promoting health, Chinese construction work principles and key tasks. To promote the healthy development of China, it is necessary to establish a feasible health care network, establish a correct concept of health, and form a consensus on health in the whole society. It is a symbol of social civilization to clarify the social responsibility of health and to support the vulnerable groups to solve health problems. So health is the responsibility of individuals, but also the responsibility of society. The social responsibility of health is mainly embodied in the following aspects: to build a safe network of health care, to provide homogeneous medical services, to reasonably share the burden of disease on individuals and society, and to standardize the medical management system. Construction safety health care network, mainly the basic medical insurance system for the safe operation of the basic medical problems, social problems of low-income groups can be solved, do the overall population, the burden is not high, strong social support, ensure fair treatment. At present, the whole country, the medical insurance of urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance convergence speed, the overall scope of the expansion, the level of protection is not reduced, the initial implementation of the health care reform targets. The next step is to further expand the scope and scope of insurance, to prevent the risk of medical insurance payment, a reasonable allocation of premium growth, continue to play a central role in people’s livelihood finance. Provide the homogenization of medical services, mainly to solve the "minor people look" and "difficult disease far" problem. The so-called homogenization of medical services is the same level of medical institutions and medical staff in the diagnosis of common diseases, prognosis, treatment options and treatment measures on the consistency or indifference. This requires the doctor should have the specialized strong technical level, in fact our ongoing residency and standardized training of specialist doctors, is to provide homogeneous medical service from the perspective of institution reform, doctor training. Rationally sharing the burden of disease on individuals and society. Due to the aging of the population, the disease spectrum has changed greatly, and the cost of disease increased. With the medical security system continuously improved, transformation many potential medical demand into reality needs of medical treatment, hospitalization rate was increased, and the doctor occupation protection psychological patients increased project costs, these are the real reasons of the disease burden of growth. However, some scholars have studied the horizontal comparison of household expenditure, and the proportion of the burden of disease is decreasing. The reasonable allocation of personal and social growth of the burden of disease, in addition to continue to play a central role in finance of people’s livelihood, and individuals, families, work units shall bear the corresponding proportion, this is not only the demand of fair play is personal and family in maintaining the positive aspects of health. Standardize the medical management system to allow and support social capital for medical and health undertakings. Because people in the medical professional knowledge on the lack of information, and the medical staff serious information asymmetry, strengthen the professional supervision of the pharmaceutical industry is as unalterable principles. But the supervision is not arranged, allow and support social capital held in medical and health industry, is to respect the laws of the market, play the main role of the market, guide the healthy consumption, rational choice to support supply side reform. The transformation of this major reform, the need for.相关的主题文章: