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A variety of " dialect music; xiangbobo "   not one-sided pursuit of becoming spoof – the media – people.com.cn original title: love music dialect, don’t become a parody of Liao Jialin singing into the deviation of Hunan Flower Drum Opera elements of the "rolling in the deep". Long Miao Yu singing Sichuan dialect version of "shuangjiegun". If the "original" once a trump card is the music program, now turned upside down, began to become the dialect music programs have been concerned about the "xiangbobo". Recently, from the "new song" Chinese on Sichuan dialect version of "shuangjiegun", to the end of Ulan Bator "with Mongolian night", and then to the dialect class music program "one billion and three hundred million DB" quietly carried out, dialect elements become a big selling pop music. However, this industry, the audience applauded, Public opinions are divergent., there are also the audience Tucao dialect songs are limited to rap and spoof". Adapted into a variety of dialects "xiangbobo" dialect singing pop concert is what taste? Recently, many musicians adapt to the classic song in the dialect on the big hole. The first is the "new song" Chinese stage, a man named Yu Miao player with Sichuan dialect adaptation of Jay Chou’s masterpiece "shuangjiegun". "Use double cut sticks." Miao Yu with strong "Trump" sing the lyrics, a nasal he intends to emphasize that "sticks" r-ending retroflexion, listen to Harlem Yu, Jay Chou and several other teachers have to say "". Almost at the same time, another called "one billion and three hundred million decibels," the network music variety show also play the concept of "dialect music". Contestant Liao Jialin by Hunan Huagu opera adaptation of Adele’s song "rolling in the deep", by the netizen evaluation as "the ocean flying song countrified dialect sing out, almost magic". Not only grassroots singer, well-known musicians are very keen on the dialect elements. At the end of last year, Tan Weiwei gave a deep impression on the variety show "China Star", "give you a little color". In the program, Tan Weiwei to Shaanxi Huayin laoqiang and northwest dialect into the rock, "nvwaniangniang up day" is the aria of Shaanxi dialect pronunciation characteristics, won the championship on the spot. Subsequently, Tan Weiwei again with a shout of "Huayin laoqiang" boarded Gala, let this song with dialect songs in the country and a fire. The dialect elements into pop music, mix after become explosive. In the view of critical water period, this trend is very early, pioneer Jay Chou can even be seen this play "". "12 years ago, Jay Chou singing" my site "has been in imitation of the people of Beijing retroflex pronunciation." In "my site", Jay Chou from Taiwan in deliberately stressed the "pronunciation land" and "here" the sound of children, was to subvert the traditional aesthetic mode of popular music. "It is just that the integration of dialect elements did not form a scale, and there was no concept of dialect music." To create a sound contrast to attract the attention of the eye dialect music is generally only in their dialect area popular,相关的主题文章: